Does Forever My Girl have a true story?

Does Forever My Girl have a true story?

Liam’s race to win Josie back isn’t smooth in “Forever My Girl.” Liam is punched by Josie in his first meeting after many years. If the punch wasn’t enough, Liam finding out about Billy (Abby Ryder Fortson), his daughter aged seven years old is sure to give him another shock. Dramatic plots like “Forever My Girl’ make for interesting drama. The story is a bit like a small town gossip fest.

Heidi McLaughlin has made her characters familiar by making them feel like real people. In an exclusive interview with Michael VentrellaMcLaughlin explained she always models her characters after people she knows in real life to give them a stronger sense of belief. McLaughlin said to Ventrella that she wanted the readers to believe they knew each character, as if they lived next door, or attended high school together.

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