Do you think the Oreo vault is real or fake?

Orea creating a Norway-based doomsday vault has become a viral video on social media. Is it true or false?

Oreo’s outlandish marketing has won over many customers and looks as if it will do so again.

People were shocked to discover the brand’s doomsday vault.

Do you think the Oreo vault is real or fake?

The Oreo Doomsday Vault is “really real,” As the company claims. It is situated near Svaldbard Global Seed Vault, Norway. This vault houses plant seeds.

The vault is safe “the Oreo recipe and a large stockpile of cookies,” as per Food and Wine. You can find it in the coordinates 78° 08′ 58.1″ N, 16° 01′ 59.7″ E.

The cookies have been protected with mylar, which can be used to withstand temperatures ranging from -80°F to 300°F.

These cookies are also impervious against chemical reactions and moisture as well as air. These cookies will remain in great condition for many years to come.

The viral video is here

In 2020, Oreo’s doomsday vault was first reported online. At the time, Oreo released this statement: Video The vault’s exterior is shown to the public.

In the ad, actors played Oreo executives. They also showed what it took to make the vault possible.

Although it may seem like a long advertisement, the vault can actually be visited (if one can stand harsh weather).

This video continues to go viral and is still shocking people in 2022.

People respond to the vault

After seeing the video on social media, people quickly reacted to it. One user commented: “everybody leave me alone. i’m currently looking into this Oreo Doomsday Vault.”

A second: “@Oreo how am i supposed to get into the oreo doomsday vault during the apocalypse if there’s a secret code to get in?”

One suggested: “Oreos built a doomsday bunker… they know something we don’t.”

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