Do you need a Covid booster for a cold?

There’s a chance that you will catch a cold in the days leading up to your booster shot.

Brits who are eligible have been asked to apply for Covid boosters. But, what if you have the sniffles?

Winter is well and truly on its way and with it you might get a cold - but can you still get your coronavirus booster jab if you've got the sniffles


Winter is coming and with it, you might catch a cold. However, you can still get your coronavirus booster vaccine if you do get the sniffles.Credit: PA

Covid boosters have been developed to protect the most vulnerable from anaphylactic shock. “challenging winter”.

We are now all mixing freely again, germs spread faster and winter bugs are back.

Brits across the country are complaining of the common cold at the moment.

Many people believe it is the best. “worst cold ever”However, in reality, the majority of people have not dealt with it for quite some time so it feels worse.

It can be confusing to know how you can protect yourself and others.

If you are concerned about spreading germs, you might want to take a page from the pandemic rulebook.

Second, those who have had their vaccines and those with the Covid Delta variant are reporting more symptoms resembling a cold.

To make sure you don’t get Covid, it is best to have a PCR and a lateral flow test if you suddenly develop a cold.

If you have to take your third booster dose and feel suddenly ill, you’ll have even more questions.

Can the Covid booster be used if I have cold symptoms?

The short answer is: Yes.

You can take your third shot if you are sure it isn’t Covid and that you feel well enough to go home.

While it may make you feel rougher than if your body wasn’t sick, overall it is perfectly safe. You can even get out of your sickly funk with the assurance that you are protected from coronavirus.

A cold shouldn’t have an effect on your body’s ability to build an immune response to the flu, even though it is fighting an illness.

The NHS advises that you attend your appointment regardless of mild illness.

However, if you feel suddenly unwell, please stay at home and call a doctor when you feel better.

This can include a fever (higher temperature).

You should not attend your appointment if you have Covid symptoms or are waiting for your coronavirus test results.

It is simple to rearrange your slot Book through the booking engine.

Who is eligible to receive the booster jab

To receive the third dose, patients can now visit walk-in centers across the country.

This week, it was announced that people over 40 years old could be eligible for booster jabs provided it has been at least six months since the last time they received the vaccine.

Only a small percentage of these groups will be eligible to receive a booster. This is because a significant portion won’t have had their second jab for more than six months. This is critical for booster requirements.

Dr Nikki Kanani, GP and deputy lead for the NHS Covid-19 vaccination programme, said: “NHS staff are making it as easy as possible for people to get their top-up vaccination, and from today people can now go online, find their nearest site and go and get their booster without delay. 

“The booster is not just a nice to have – it is really important protection ahead of what we know will be a challenging winter.

“So if you are eligible, please do check the site finder and go get your jab.”

UK Covid-19 vaccine booster – are you eligible?

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