Diver Reunites with Women who Dressed as Mermaids to Save Him and His Friend

One group of divers was in serious trouble off Santa Catalina Island in California. A group called mermaids to help them. 

Josh Claramunt was on the dive with his father and father’s best friend Pablo Avila when Avila lost consciousness.  

“Honestly, I thought I was looking at a dead man,” Claramunt tells Inside Edition. 

He started shouting for help and it came quickly, although in a form he had not expected.  

“I get three ‘helps’ out and then honestly, just a troop of mermaids pop up out of the water,”He says. “It’s just like a Disney movie.” 

The mermaids—Elaina Garcia, Elle Jimenez and Chin Burger—sprang into action when they heard Claramunt’s cries. 

“I looked over, saw them and immediately sprinted as fast as I can,”One woman says. “I made the decision to give mouth-to-mouth because he was so dire.” 

Claramunt also began to hyperventilate. So another Mermaid dived in to help.  

“We want to avoid other emergencies, (and we) already had unconscious diver,”She says.  

A third mermaid assisted in bringing everyone to shore.  

“My body went into auto pilot, rescue mode, what can I do,”She says.  

Inside Edition brought Claramunt, Claramunt, and the mermaids together. As they reunited, they hugged.  

“You’re the one who saved me and you’re the one who saved Pablo,”He said it to the women. 

“Its just been a crazy experience . now I’m actually meeting the mermaids in the flesh out of the water,”Inside Edition, he shares his story. 

So, where did the angels of sea come from? 

These women were near a training exercise in the Professional Association of Diving Instructors. PADIClaramunt was screaming for help and they enrolled in an advanced rescue course for mermaids. They are both experienced divers and instructors.  

“I think it’s important to know the mermaids are athletes, we are well trained and we practice,”One woman says.  

“It’s just a miracle that we were in there,”Another adds “Divine timing.”

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