Disney World’s Genie+ Is Making Another Change, And This Time Disney Princesses Are Involved

Disney World’s Genie+ Is Making Another Change, And This Time Disney Princesses Are Involved

Disney Genie+ is an add-on service. Line skipping capabilitiesThe service allows guests to take rides at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort for a nominal fee. However, reviews have been mixed since its inception last year. Some aspects of this service work well for others. don’t find it to be worth the money. Genie+ has been expanded to include more character meet-and greet opportunities at Walt Disney World.

Tomorrow, January 26th, according to BlogMickeyGenie+ will now add certain character sightings so that guests can choose when they want to return to meet their favorite Disney characters. Among those specified to be added include meeting both Cinderella or Tiana at Princess Fairytale Hall at Magic Kingdom, as well as meeting Mickey Mouse at Magic Kingdom’s Town Square Theater or meeting Olaf at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

This is not a surprise. The character meet-and greets were part the old FastPass+ system so it is expected that they will be added to Genie+. These parks are already set up for this purpose and the more items you can include in Genie+, it will be more useful to guests considering purchasing.

The primary reason we didn’t see these encounters get added to Genie+ at the outset is likely because they’re still few and far between. Many characters who were present at Walt Disney World before the outbreak have not returned. When they do, we can expect they’ll be added to Genie+ in short order.

For some meetings characters is a fun little diversion, for others it’s a necessary part of visiting Disney Parks. If you didn’t get your picture taken with Mickey Mouse, did you even go to Disney World? It will be a pleasure to take your picture with this group.

This is a great thing for those who are more spontaneous. The old FastPass+ system, if you wanted to skip the line to get your picture with Mickey Mouse, you had to make that decision a month or more before your trip. Now, if you happen to notice a return time coming up while you’re in the park, you can make the decision right then to go get that photo.

There are many people who are. Genie+ frustratesFor charging an additional fee for a service once offered for free. They won’t be happy to hear this. These experiences will not only eliminate the wait for some but will also make it longer for everyone else.

Disneyland Resort has never offered character interactions in FastPass the same way. It will be interesting to see what happens since both resorts use the same Genie+ service. Disneyland Resort is Imagine yourself becoming more Walt Disney World-likeMany ways. Maybe this will one day be one of them.

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