Disney Fan Discovers Her Boyfriend in an Old Video she Taken at the Theme Park

  • Anyssa Martinez (22 years old) found her boyfriend in a Disneyland video before they met.
  • He was performing in a parade that she was watching with her family, when he waved at them.
  • Martinez shared his feelings with Insider that Disney is now a major part of their love story.

Anyssa MartinezWhen she visited Disneyland in 2019, she didn’t expect to meet Prince Charming. It was just what she expected, but it happened like every Disney movie. 

Insider learned from the California native, 22-year-old Nathan that she had met her boyfriend via Instagram in early 2020. They quickly formed a close relationship during the initial days of the pandemic. 

But as Martinez later realized, they had actually interacted once before — at a Disneyland parade she attended with her family. Nathan, it turned out, was a performer that waved at Martinez throughout the event.

Martinez posted about her revelation — as well as A clip of their first interaction — to TikTok on March 15. Her video now has over 135,000 views.

Anyssa Martinez was raised in a Disney family that visited the park every year.

Martinez shared with Insider that the Main Street Electrical Parade is a favorite of her family. It is sometimes held at night and features characters and floats illuminated by the moon. More than 500,000 glowing light bulbs

Martinez’s family traveled to Southern California to see the parade when it was set for Disneyland in 2019, and they stayed up late to enjoy the spectacle together.

It happened during the “Cinderella”The parade featured a -themed section. A carriage driver waved and tipped his hat at Martinez as he was filming the interaction.

“I used to watch the parade on VHS almost every day as a little girl,”Martinez added that Cinderella is a huge favorite of hers. “So I was really surprised that someone performing in that part of the parade noticed me, especially with it being so dark. It just made me feel really special.”

Anyssa (uh–nee–suh) shared this post (@_mini_minnie).

A mere six months later, Martinez was following an Instagram friend.

“I showed up on his Instagram explore page one day, and we ended up following each other,”She said. “He posted something about the new ‘Star Wars’ park, I responded to his Story, and we just kept talking. We completely hit it off.”

Martinez claimed that Martinez moved in their relationship because Martinez was aware of the pandemic and had placed heavy lockdowns. “at a really slow pace.”Because she was at home so often, she could look back at the photos and videos that she took during her weekly Disneyland trip. Then, she saw a familiar face in a clip that she loved.

“I was watching the videos I had taken in 2019, and I was like, ‘Hey that looks like Nathan. I think that’s him,'”She recalled. “I sent it to him and he said, ‘Yeah that’s definitely me!’ It was fate.”

Martinez stated that Nathan also vaguely remembers their interaction, and that her family was. “blown away”She made the connection.

“It’s really wild to think back to that time because I was swooning that day,” Martinez said.

Nathan and Anyssa Martinez.

Anyssa Martinez with Nathan, her boyfriend.

Anyssa Martinez

Martinez now has a significant role to play in her relationship with her boyfriend, Disney.

Martinez visits Disneyland as much as she can and creates content for social-media. About the theme parkNathan is an actor and performer.

“My boyfriend only moved here a few years ago specifically to work for Disney, so it’s really the reason we’re together,”She said. “Now we both love going to the parks and seeing Disney movies together. We’re actually going to watch the Electrical Parade together when it comes back next month.”

Martinez notices similarities between the couple and Disney so much that they are so closely linked. 

“I feel like it’s a theme in a lot of Disney movies where characters go on really crazy adventures and meet important people when they’re not looking for them,”She said. “And it’s true — love comes when you least expect it.”

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