Disney CEO Announces Ms. Marvel’s Premiere Date

Ms. MarvelIt was the MCU series we had hoped for since 2021. However, it was never released. Marvel moved it to 2022, but did not reveal a new release date. We received a variety of reports that offered contradictory views. Ms. MarvelHowever, the speculation is over for the premiere date.

Bob Chapek, Disney CEO, finally announced the Ms. Marvel red carpet premiere date. This gives us an indication of when the first episode will be available on Disney Plus.

Is Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel one and the same character?

The excitement surrounding Ms. Marvel is understandable, as it introduces another teen Avenger that we’ll probably see in additional shows and movies down the road. One of the movies she’ll appear in is probably the Captain MarvelNext year’s sequel is titled The Marvels. The film’s premieres date is February 17th, 2023, assuming Marvel doesn’t make any additional changes to the current release schedule.

That’s enough to tell you that Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel are not the same character, even though they are connected. We will soon see them together on the silverscreen.

Ms. Marvel, played by Iman Vallani as Kamala Khan, will be the first Muslim superhero of the MCU. The movie will explore Captain Marvel’s connection, while the TV series will serve as an origin story to Ms. Marvel.

What matters is that Ms. Marvel’s powers are connected to the Kree, the alien race we first saw in the original Captain Marvel movie.

Captain Marvel in first MCU movie.
Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) in her first MCU movie. Source: Marvel Studios

Red carpet premiere date

We’ll see all that explained on Disney Plus once Ms. MarvelThis summer, she will be here. We’ll meet the brand new MCU superhero, see her powers in action, and learn how she got her name.

Chapek is a great resource for knowing when to expect. Ms. MarvelDisney Plus. According to some reports, the series will not stream after. She-HulkWe now know this. Ms. MarvelWe will keep you posted. Moon Knight.

The Disney CEO confirmed as much during Disney’s Annual Stakeholders meeting earlier this week. The Ms. MarvelThe red carpet premiere date has been set for June 2, 2012.

Of note, that’s The dateThe premiere date in Hollywood is not the release date. Disney Plus and theatrical releases are always preceded by red carpet premieres.

Moon KnightRed carpet premiere on March 22nd, more then a week before the March 30th Disney Plus premiere date. Ms. MarvelIt should follow the same pattern. The show should start streaming around a week after its red carpet premiere.

According to reports, the new TV series could be released in June/July according to some reports.

Ms. MarvelTrailer should be dropped before the premiere

You can find additional context here Ms. MarvelAbout a month later, they will arrive Doctor Strange in The Multiverse of MadnessOn May 6th, it will be in theaters. Marketing is key. Ms. MarvelSeveral weeks prior to the Hollywood premiere, you should get started.

That’s to say we should expect the first teaser and a full Ms. MarvelTrailer at some point during the next months. We’ll use Moon KnightIt can be used as a point of reference. Two months prior to the red carpet premiere, the first trailer was released on January 18, 2018. Marvel released a Super Bowl trailer a month later.

It’s likely Ms. Marvel will follow a similar pattern, so don’t be surprised to see the first trailer at some point in April. But that’s just speculation for now.

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