Details About Josh Duggars Plea Following His Arrest

Since Josh Duggar’s arrest earlier this year, new information has surfaced, giving the public more insight into his child pornography case. The former TLC TV star was taken into custody for child pornography. He claims he’s not guilty, however.

After Josh’s arrest, he was released on conditions. He’s currently staying with his legal guardians, the Reber family. He must adhere to certain rules. For example, he must wear a GPS tracking gadget and not use the internet. Due to his arrest, he is not allowed to be with children.

However, his children were allowed to see him after his release. He can see his kids with his wife Anna Duggar’s supervision. Since his arrest, sources have revealed that she’s spending a lot of time with him at his guardians’ home. She reportedly still believes he’s innocent too.

His November 30 trial will reveal the truth. At that point, if he’s found guilty, he is facing decades in prison. Details about Josh’s plea deal have recently surfaced. According to court documents, the former TLC star was offered a plea deal before he was arrested in April. He could have been sentenced to a shorter sentence if he had accepted the plea agreement.

Details About Josh Duggars Plea Following His Arrest

Josh maintained his innocence so, he declined the plea agreement. In an email to Josh’s attorneys on March 12, the prosecutors wrote:

“The plea agreement contains a statement of facts, which should be a good summary reference when you are reviewing the discovery material. Significantly, Duggar’s cellular phone-including text messages he sent and pictures he took places him at the car lot on the date/times the child pornography images were downloaded and distributed.”

Now, Josh’s attorneys want the case dismissed. They have filed several motions, claiming that the investigation allegedly ”proceeded without lawful authority.”

As of right now, the trial is still set for November 30. Although it could go on until December 3, Josh wanted his trial moved to February. So, are you surprised to hear about Josh Duggar’s plea deal before his arrest? What do you think will happen in the next few months, Josh Duggar?

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