Despite government promises to end the smoking ban, most Brits will still be urged to quit within eight years.

MINISTERS Yesterday claimed that the goal of making Britain great again was achieved “smoke free”They still plan to keep the ban on nanny states cigarette crackdowns in place by 2030, despite their hopes.

The ambition to reduce the number of smokers to 5% of Brits by the end the decade was denied by Therese Coffey, Health Secretary “been shelved”.

Most Brits will still be pushed to quit smoking by 2030


By 2030, most Brits will be urged to stop smoking.Credit: PA:Press Association

The Deputy PM, who is known for smoking a few cigars, refused to endorse the policy.

She said yes to the question: “Well, that’s the policy of the government, as it stands today.”

The Guardian also heard from insiders. “no chance”Ministers will implement the controversial Khan review recommendations.

These included increasing the legal age to purchase tobacco by one year each year until no-one smoked.

It also proposed a £125million campaign to urge people to quit and requiring tobacco sellers to have a licence.

Central Recorder sources said that ministers would rather promote vaping and prescribe drugs.

Liz Truss has condemned interventionist policies. She said this at her Conservative Party conference speech: “I’m not going to tell you what to do, or what to think or how to live your life.”

The Department for Health said: “We are currently considering the wide range of recommendations set out in the Khan Review and how best to take these forward.

“We will set out our next steps for the plan in due course.”

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