Denzel Washington reminisces about what it was like to see his son Tenet in Christopher Nolan’s House

Denzel Washington reminisces about what it was like to see his son Tenet in Christopher Nolan’s House

The proudest moments for parents often revolve around their child’s ability to take risks on their own. Being a star actor who is also the parent of a rising star can make it all seem surreal. Denzel Washington will tell you that his own experience seeing his son in Christopher Nolan’s Tenet was unforgettable – and not just because they watched the movie at the director’s house. 

John David Washington has made a name as an actor. His father is twice an Oscar winnerHe is one of the most loved and beloved performers of all times. While the older Washington has shown a lot of support for his son, that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been a strange experience to watch him carve out a career. He Telled ReelBlend’s Kevin McCarthyHe saw when he saw. TenetHe went through it for the first and only time. 

It was bizarre. First of all, we went to Chris’ house and screened it in his theater. So I’m sitting here, now I’m watching my son starring in a Christopher Nolan movie in Christopher Nolan’s house, so there was a lot going on. I’m looking at my son, and I’m like, ‘He sounds like me.’ I’m like, ‘Of course, he sounds like you, stupid. He is you.’As a father, there were many things I was experiencing.

Denzel Washington with a “duh, that’s my son”While sitting in the Dark KnightDirector’s personal screening area makes for an amusing mental picture. It shows his support for his son as well as how real and approachable the actor is. Most parents have at least one moment where they look at their child and get freaked out by how similar they are to them, even if those moments usually don’t happen while watching the big budget, mind-bending movies they’re starring in. 

I would love to have heard the actors discussing the movie with the director. If the veteran actor’s mind wasn’t blown by his son’s resemblance to himself, it definitely would have been by Tenet’s storyline, which even John David Washington has admitted he can’t explain. Also, I can’t help but wonder whether any talk of a Potential father-son partnership took place when they visited the Nolan home – that is something that could blow Everyone’s mind. 

No matter what the future holds for Denzel and John David Washington, it’s cool to know they have a strong relationship. They can make each other look good and they are a great team. Talk to each other without wordsBut also ensure that youKeep each other humble, too. Maybe next we’ll get to hear what the younger Washington thought of his dad’s performance in The Tragedy of MacbethIt is the same as Apple+ is available for streaming at the moment

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