Denzel Washington Recalls Going ‘Ham’ on Ellen Pompeo

  • Denzel Washington doesn’t recall going “ham”Ellen Pompeo – The set of “Grey’s Anatomy.” 
  • When asked about the incident, Variety,He avoided the question, but added: “It’s all good.”
  • Pompeo stated previously on her podcast, that they clashed over the set of the series’ long-running series.

Denzel Washington doesn’t recall his time at the set of “Grey’s Anatomy”Ellen Pompeo is the same.

During a Variety interview – Recent InterviewWashington was asked about an incident Pompeo had described since the day he directed an ABC series episode. Pompeo had stated Washington “went ham on [her] ass”During the shoot. Clayton Davis, Variety reporter, writes that Washington “sidestepped”Ask a question about this anecdote “claiming that he doesn’t recall that day.”

“But it’s all good,” Washington Variety was told by a “slight grin.”

In 2015, Washington directed an episode on the long-running TV series. Insider previously reported that Pompeo was speaking to her former co-star. “Grey’s Anatomy”Patrick Dempsey, costar on her “Tell Me with Ellen Pompeo” podcastThe day Washington and her clashed at the set.

“Denzel went ham on my ass,”She said. “He was like, ‘I’m the director. Don’t you tell him what to do.'” 

Pompeo claimed that she was not going to back down from the A-list actor.

“And I was like, ‘Listen motherfucker, this is my show,'”She said. “‘This is my set. Who are you telling? You barely know where the bathroom is.'”

Anecdote led to some backlash against Pompeo. You can read Insider’s report here. 

denzel washington

Denzel Washington.

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Washington answered questions about his passion for filmmaking during the premier of his new movie. Atlanta Black Star: “I like seeing other people do well.”

“Acting you know you do your job but directing is more — what’s the word — it’s more community vibe, you know all the different departments,”He stated. “I just enjoy it.”

Washington’s directorial endeavors for the moment will likely be focused on movies, although preferably not those he is starring in. 

“I never enjoyed headlining and directing,”Washington stated Variety. “I acted in the movies because I needed to in order to get the money to direct them.”

He continued: “So now, for me, this feels like the first film I’ve directed, because I’m not in it. That’s the way I prefer it.”

His latest directorial work, “A Journal for Jordan,”Available now in Theaters 

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