Debra Winger And Shirley MacLaine Didn’t Get Along. Here’s why

Debra Winger And Shirley MacLaine Didn't Get Along. Here's why

Debra Winger received three Academy Award nominations as Best Actress over her career in Hollywood. She won the National Film Society of Film Critics Award in Best Actress. “Terms of Endearment” — but the on-set experience was no walk in the park. According to Us WeeklyWinger and Shirley MacLaine were not compatible in real life. In fact, When MacLaine won the Oscar at the 1984 Academy Awards, she was up against Winger for the trophy. After winning, MacLaine yelled, “I deserve this!” 

Her 1995 biography is here “My Lucky Stars,” MacLaine wrote about an incident in which Winger yelled at her to “get over here”She was right on her mark. “‘I heard you,’ I said. ‘I know marks when I see them,'”MacLaine wrote the book. “‘Good,’ [Winger] said. ‘How’s this for a mark?’ She turned around, walked away from me, lifted her skirt slightly, looked over her shoulder, bent over, and farted in my face.”

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