Deadpool 3 MCU Announcement might be at SDCC2022


Comic-Con 2022 (SDCC), is in San Diego. Marvel will make its big reveals Saturday during a panel that will discuss the immediate future. There’s plenty of things to talk about, given all the rumors about unannounced future MCU productions, but Marvel might not spill all the secrets this week. Additional announcements are expected at the D23 Expo in September. But there’s a rumor that the Deadpool 3 reveal we’ve been dying to see is coming at Comic-Con.

We’ve been getting plenty of Deadpool 3In the past months, there have been trolly teasers as well as tidbits that hint at an announcement. Disney’s previous announcement was the best! DeadpoolMovies available to stream on Disney Plus.

Disney owns the DeadpoolAfter Fox’s acquisition in 2019, franchises were created. Therefore, it’s free to release the previous movies on its streaming service. It’s unclear why it hasn’t done it sooner. Perhaps it waited for other streaming agreements to expire before bringing back the Merc with a Mouth on Disney Plus.

Disney would be not surprised to make time for a humorous moment. Deadpool 3Comic-Con 2022 with Disney Plus streaming announcements for previous movies.

Deadpool's Avengers rejection letter
Deadpool’s Avengers rejection letter. Image source: Twitter

What we know Deadpool 3

Disney might have Deadpool. DeadpoolMovies that Fox produced before they were bought are not included in the MCU. Or, to put it differently, the MCU does not include movies made by Fox before being bought. It has at least one major plot problem, considering Marvel’s handling of time travel and multiverse.

Therefore, Deadpool 3The story of Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds), who arrives in the MCU, will be told. Disney promised that years ago, Deadpool 3Will retain its R rating. And Deadpool 3Already, writers have confirmed that this will occur. Paul Wernick and Rhett Reynolds recently confirmed that. Deadpool 3It will be a “fish out of water” story. However, they didn’t reveal any details about the plot.

Reese, Wernick and others will return to pen their third. DeadpoolIt is now known that Shawn Levy, the director of the next installment in this franchise, will be the one. Blind Al (Leslie Uggams), will be back for more witty banter.

Still from Deadpool 2’s final trailer Source: 20th Century Fox

Rumors about the Comic-Con 2022 release

There’s plenty of chatter and speculation about Marvel’s SDCC announcements right now. For example, a recent report said Marvel might unveil The MutantsThis week in San Diego Then there’s a rumor claiming that the Deadpool 3Comic-Con could have an announcement.

But there are no specifics about Marvel’s plans or the Deadpool 3 reveal.

Ryan Reynolds was not shy about teasing fans about the sequel, but he did not reveal any details about it. He did however suggest that in an interview earlier this summer, Deadpool 3It is possible that news will soon come. This was February and fans are still waiting.

While you do wait for Marvel’s Hall H panel on Saturday, you can watch this fan edit putting Deadpool in Avengers movies. It’s the closest thing to having Deadpool in the MCU right now.

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