Deadliest Catch’s Cast And Crew Overwhelmed by Protocols during COVID

Deadliest Catch's Cast And Crew Overwhelmed by Protocols during COVID

According to government regulations, 2021 saw the establishment of new rules for the Alaskan fishing industry. “Deadliest Catch” Together with the crew filming, they had to learn quickly. “With the pandemic and everything, it was difficult because you’re dealing with an unknown…multiple unknowns,” Sig Hansen spoke when he spoke. We are the Mighty. As each crew was placed in different circumstances based on where they were located, these unknowns became more complex. “Unknowns such as protocol, how to deal with illness if someone did become ill, protocols from the town of Dutch Harbor – they had their own protocols,” Hansen continued. “Then you had protocols with the fishing tanneries that take our product.”

Men’s Journal The explanation was that even though both the vessels and the production crews had been learning about how to adjust to new locations’ rules, there was an unanticipated factor that threatened all of Alaska’s fishing industry seasons. Quota rules say that if the fleet doesn’t catch its allocation, the fishery must close for two years. With many boats in Covid-protocol uncertainty, the fishery was already looking beak. Hansen told ABC, “I’ve had friends that are on other fishing vessels…that literally did not leave their boats for eight to nine months, they could not step on land.”

As fans are aware, the industry managed to survive the Covid pandemic’s first crab-catching season. Season 17 of the Covid pandemic was produced and aired. This allowed viewers to experience what fishing was like and to learn how difficult it was to even get out to sea. The familiarity with all the other dangerous issues was brought back once the fishermen got there.

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