David Hasselhoff, a dubious source, reportedly needs plastic surgery after his 70th birthday

David HasselhoffHe just turned 70. He’s doing great! Rumours say he recently had his face done so he looks young again. Here’s what we know.

‘Old Age Is Hassling The Hoff!’

The following is an extract from the GlobeHasselhoff desperately tries to prevent the onset of aging with a series if surgeries to bring his face back to life. The outlet points out that Hasselhoff is not old. BaywatchThe star’s ravaged look is due to years of alcoholism. In 2007, he famously ate a cheeseburger on the ground. “Since then David has been good about sticking to a healthy diet and exercise regime, but this surgery overhaul was the icing on the cake,” a source reveals.

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Hasselhoff claims he was treated by a plastic surgery who hasn’t seen him. Hasselhoff, 42 years old, is determined to look younger than his wife Haley Roberts. According to a source, “Right now he’s feeling like a new man. He’s always considered himself a real stud, only now he’s got to work a lot harder to keep up.”

Is David Hasselhoff Desperate?

What bearing does 2007’s burger video have upon this story? Tabloid even printed a still from the video to remind you that it was there. The GlobeThis incident is only mentioned as an attack on Hasselhoff. Hasselhoff did seek treatment for alcoholism after the embarrassing video. But that was fifteen years ago. Even if he did get plastic surgery at 70, there’s absolutely no reason to mention the video except to insult him. It would be a scandal in a legitimate news story.

It also compares Hasselhoff’s photo to a publicity still taken from his time. Knight Riderdays in the 1980s. It’s comparing photos 40 years apart as a means of proving recent surgery, and that’s just absurd. Here’s a photo of Hasselhoff taken from his Instagram in July.

Now here’s a publicity shot from August 2021. Is he really that different? We don’t think so.

The last 40 years have been a great time. Hasselhoff had work doneHe did, however, not show any significant changes in his appearance over the eight weeks. This is yet another tabloid story that attacks the Spongebob Squarepants MovieStar for turning 70.

Attacks on Plastic Surgery

The GlobeIt is obsessed with plastic surgery and constantly criticizes celebrities for their looks. It claimed Julianne Hough overdid it last year. Goldie Hawn was allegedly ruined, while Shirley MacLaine looked unrecognizable. Tabloids are fond of beating dead horses, so it is not surprising that there has been so much plastic surgery.

Most likely, someone at the GlobeHasselhoff happened to have a birthday. So it put his name in a standard story about plastic surgery to fill in the blanks. He doesn’t seem obsessed with youth, so we’re debunking this story.

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