David Byrne’s Cast in American Utopia Plays “Burning Down the House”

There are only one month remaining in American Utopia’s latest Broadway residency, David Byrne and his cast appeared on CBS Mornings He will perform three songs from the acclaimed show.

Performing onstage at the St. James Theatre — where American Utopia is booked through April 3 — Byrne and his crew delivered renditions of Talking Heads’ “Burning Down the House,”Also available: “Everybody’s Coming to My House” — from the show’s 2018 namesake LP American Utopia — and 1989’s “Marching Through the Wilderness,”Recent “Unchained” addition to the show’s setlist.

Byrne sang the following songs: We sat down together with the morning show to discuss American UtopiaOmicron infection in the cast. He had a rigorous six-shows a week schedule at the ripe old age of 69. Byrne sought out advice from Byrne. 

“I met Hugh Jackman once, and I reached out to him because he is the only Broadway performer that I could remember who did a show where he sang every song,”Byrne spoke of The Music Man star. “So I said, ‘Can I do this? What do I need to know?’ He said, ‘Don’t go hang out with your friends after… He also said on two-show days, don’t take a nap.”

Byrne added that he was unable to write new songs during the Covid-19 pandemic — “I thought, ‘I have not been able to process this,’” he said — and instead devoted his talents to drawing, which are now on exhibit at New York’Gallery s Pace

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