David Arquette says this special talent helped him to become a clown

David Arquette says this special talent helped him to become a clown

“I love clowns,”David Arquette spoke on “Live with Kelly and Ryan.”Arquette revealed more than having his whole family wear clown noses to celebrate his 50th birthday. “I’m studying to be a clown.”Arquette, who believes that laughter is the best medicine, has donned the costume of a clown to visit hospitals, and bring a smile to people in distress. Arquette stated that it takes a lot to be a clown. He was fortunate to have learned a special talent in his childhood, which helped him prepare for this moment. 

“My father taught me this nose flute and this is what I can do as my clown thing,” Arquette revealed. Arquette then pulled out a blue device and placed it on his nose. Arquette played the instrument which made a silly whistle sound, much to the delight and amusement of the talk show hosts. “That’s a little clown trick,”He laughed.

Arquette noted that Bozo the Clown has always been his source of inspiration. “Bozo is my hero,” Arquette told The New York Times. The actor painted a 6-foot tall Bozo statue on a Brooklyn wall to show his devotion. Arquette bought the rights to the character in hopes of bringing the clown back on children’s TV and ending the stigma associated with the painted goofballs. “I want to help bring back kind clowns, and change the discourse. You know, help people understand that being silly is cool,”He said.

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