Daughter Threatened to Not See Him until She’s “a Grownup”

  • Jeff Lewis stated that his daughter threatened to not talk to him again until he’s satisfied. “a grownup.” 
  • After a two year court battle, Lewis and Gage Edward share Monroe’s custody. 
  • Lewis stated that Edward told Madison Madison’s radio station is why she may have to attend Catholic school.

“Flipping Out”On his radio show, Jeff Lewis spoke out about star Jeff Lewis “Jeff Lewis Live”Monroe, his 5-year old daughter, is maturing and feeling the benefits of Lewis’ public celebrity status sooner than he thought. Gage Edward (his ex-wife and Monroe’s other father) accuse Lewis of being a liar. “leveraging”For more attention on his radio station, they asked their daughter.

A clip from Lewis’ show, posted to YouTube MondayLewis shared an emotional moment he experienced with his daughter. “She said if I continue to talk about her on the radio that she will not see me again until she’s a grown-up,”He stated. 

Lewis claims Monroe was reacting to the fact that Monroe had recently informed his listeners that she was denied admission to a private school. Report by People, December 30,. Three days after Lewis told his listeners on December 27, that he had thrown a party, Lewis discussed Monroe’s rejection at Monroe’s school. COVID-19 “superspreader”Holiday party with 30 friends, employees and colleagues on December 21st. He and many guests contracted the virus through a series of breakthrough cases. per People

Lewis, who is vaccinated said Monday’s episode, that there was no connection between Monroe’s rejection at school and his vaccination. “superspreader”party is “simply not true”Because she was rejected “before the holiday superspreader.” 

He also said that Edward is “less than thrilled”With the media attention given to their daughter. According to Lewis, Edward said that Monroe was his father. “as a result”Lewis is not going to talk about her on the radio, but she won’t get into it. “certain schools and that she’s gonna have to go to a Catholic school with the nuns,”Lewis correctly guessed Monroe was found by Lewis “kind of scary.”

Gage Edward and Jeff Lewis

Gage Edward and Jef Lee in 2018.

Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Lewis claimed that Monroe called him crying, and was his mother. “mad”And “so upset,”Tell him. “I don’t want to go to Catholic school, I’m afraid of the nuns.” 

“I texted Gage and I said, ‘Look, I never say anything negative about you to Monroe ever and this feels divisive. I would never want to turn her against you, which seems like is what you’re doing right now. You’re mad at me. Please don’t use her to take it out on me,”Lewis spoke Monday on the show.

Lewis’ comments were responded to by Edward Instagram StoryTuesday, declaring, in part: “continued exploitation of a minor for content”Is “unfair.”

“In the past and certainly recently, untrue and false stories have been told with an embellished narrative about my daughter,”Edward said that Edward was suggesting that the “embellishments”Are “very calculated”Monroe is being “leveraged”Get more media attention

“The person you are leveraging however is 5 years old. It’s gross. She has a right to privacy. Enough is enough,”He added.

Insider reached out to SiriusXM representatives for Edward, Lewis and SiriusXM but they did not immediately respond.

Gage Edward response to Jeff Lewis screenshot

Gage Edward’s Instagram Story, responding to Jeff Lewis’ claims.

Gage Edward/Instagram

Edward and Lewis lived together for 10+ years before they split in 2019. They have been fighting for Monroe’s custody for more than two years. According to People, May 2021. Edward and Lewis dropped all lawsuits against each others and share custody of their daughter.

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