Daughter From Another Mother Season 2: Release date, Plot and What to expect

Mexican drama series ‘Madre solo hay dos’ could very well be a production that stays in viewers’ hearts, having a sweet melody to the plot and two very adorable fun-sized newborns. Having accidentally exchanged their daughters right after birth, two mothers not only find out the truth after four lovely months but are also forced to enter into a very peculiar agreement of raising the two infants under the same household.

What surprises viewers the most is how two very odd and contrasting characters are brought together in forming a very heart-warming environment for their newborns. Mariana, an eccentric and joyous soul, crosses paths with a fierce and ambitious Ana to form a pact that drove the entirety of season 1. Long-expected events happened at the end of season 1 after Mariana ends in a position of entanglement, leaving fans in a cliffhanger.

Daughter from another mother 2

Daughter from another mother season 2: Release date

As things stand right now, there has been no official statement regarding the renewal of the satisfying and yet funny drama series. But considering that the show was popular amongst its viewers, it could probably help in the case for when Netflix holds a conference to assess the position of the production.

Fans could also expect the two darling daughters to continue in the next part of the series, but a slightly grown-up version, making the show even more addictive to stay away from.

Daughter from another mother season 2 plot

A very young blooded Ana ends up on bad terms with certain characters, so the following season would probably explore how she reconciles to retribution towards her actions. Fans could also expect more interaction from the two daughters with a slightly more critical role to play with.

With no news of production, it is likely to witness the show be presented somewhere around the second half of 2022.

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