Netflix’s Anime Series “Darwin’s Game” Release Date is in August 2021

Anime lovers, clear up your August schedules because “Darwin’s Game” is coming to Netflix. The release of Darwin’s Game is surely a welcome move to many more licensed anime to be released on Netflix. Read this article to know all about the new anime series Darwin’s Game, its Netflix release date, and much more.

Quite the interesting title right? The series is as interesting as the title too. Darwin’s Game is the anime adaptation of the 23 volumed manga by FLIPFLOPs and was aired in Japan in early 2020.

Netflix's Anime Series "Darwin's Game" Release Date is in August 2021

What is the plot of the anime series Darwin’s Game?

Darwin’s Game features the adventures of a high schooler Sudou Kaname, who gets invited to activate a mysterious mobile app called Darwin’s Game. Little did Kaname know there’s more to the game than 2 players fighting would cause implications in real life as well. He soon finds out that there is no way to quit the game and the series takes us to a determined Kaname, who sets out to clear the game.

The debutant season 1 has a total of 11 episodes. A fun-packed action drama, Darwin’s Game is a sure entertainer for anime lovers. If you haven’t watched it yet, you can catch it on Netflix after the release date.

Netflix's Anime Series "Darwin's Game" Release Date is in August 2021

When is the release date of the anime series Darwin’s Game?

We have word that Darwin’s Game, the mystery action drama series is set for an early August release on Netflix. Mark your calendars because the release date you are looking for is August 1 2021. Netflix has confirmed August 1 as the release date for Darwin’s Game right now in the US and confirmation awaits for the series’ release in other regions.

And guess what! Netflix is most likely to share the anime series, Darwin’s Game with the Hulu network in the US.

We are not sure regarding the development of a Season 2 for Darwin’s Game. But there’s a lot to hope from the first season’s finale of this anime series. Now you know, where and when you can watch the full episodes of Darwin’s game. Meanwhile, go check out our other articles for more news and updates.

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