Darcey & Stacey Put Up Their Home For Sale And Here’s How Much It’s Worth

Darcey and Stacey are soon to have a few men in their lives. It’s all about moving men. TLC’s hit reality series featured the Connecticut mansion. Darcey and Stacey are now up for sale. It was originally purchased by the twin’s father Mike in 2005. The twins divorced in 2005 and the twins ended up moving in with their children. It seems that the home is now in search of a new owner who will love it.

Darcey & Stacey Put Up Their Home For Sale And Here's How Much It's Worth

The Middletown home, Connecticut is lavish and suburban. Mike Silva did have one rule though: there were no boys in his home. Florian and Stacey were engaged when they first moved to America. They had to find their own place. Darcey and Georgi were subject to the same rules.

Darcey used Georgi’s private time to check if the relationship was worth it. She found out he was legally married by this method. Stacey and Florian were able to elope in privacy. The viewers couldn’t help but wonder how these women could be parents while leaving their children home.

Their father was happy to take on the role of grandpa. He had traveled extensively as a young man. Mike had spent a lot of time in China, so COVID stopped him from being in Connecticut. This allowed him to be with Darcey’s girls and Stacey’s boys more. The twins and their beaus were shuffled from an apartment after apartment. Their home is now up for sale. What is it worth? There is a lot.

The asking price for this property is $715,000 after it was purchased at $637,500 Starcasm. This is not the first time the Silva’s have listed the home. It was listed for sale in 2018 for $645,000. It was then reduced to $599,000 after a few months before it was removed from the market. The home features six bedrooms and six baths on 5,178 square feet.

Darcey & Stacey Put Up Their Home For Sale And Here's How Much It's Worth
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Darcey Silva and Stacey Silva
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It is described by the Colonial-style home as having cathedral ceilings. You will also find french doors and a pool. Additionally, the home has fireplaces that are vital in the cold Connecticut winters. There is no word on where the twins will be moving next, but there are rumors that they have bought a nearby house.

What would make you want to live in a home that Darcey & Stacey own, especially after seeing what they have done on television? The description suggests that the home has had many upgrades before it was listed.

They include new carpeting and appliances. They may be making space for Stacey to have a baby. Darcey may have let go of Georgi and is now pursuing her independence.

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