Danny Masterson would Spit, Pull Hair, and Call Teen Girlfriend “White Trash” if she Refused Daily Sex. Investigator Testifies

Danny Masterson’s teen model girlfriend told investigators he would physically and verbally abuse her “all the time,”Spitting in her face, pulling at her hair and calling her “white trash”Los Angeles police detective Roberto Rodriguez testified that she would not consent to his daily demands for sex.

Esther Myape is Detective Esther Reyes. She took the stand in Thursday’s criminal rape trial against Masterson. Masterson says she was assigned her case in 2016. The veteran detective told the jury she was the lead investigator in the cases of three women who had come forward separately – all of whom have already testified in the Los Angeles trial.

Myape had already been aware of one of those cases – filed by the Jane Doe witness known at trial as “JB.”Jane Doe was the witness that she made it clear to her. “CB” – who had been Masterson’s girlfriend for six years starting in 1995 – filed her report with police in Austin, Texas, which was forwarded on to LAPD.

Myape then said she interviewed all three witnesses. Jane Doe was also interviewed. “N Trout,”Who finished her testimony Wednesday.

Prosecutors focused on Myape’s interview with CB, who says she was 17 when she first met Masterson at a party being thrown to celebrate her first big modeling job in L.A. Masterson was already a prominent Scientologist at that point, due mostly to his “That 70s Show”He was famous and she claimed he flirted then with her. They began dating several weeks later and she moved in with him.

CB testified Masterson forced her to sex on numerous occasions and that Masterson once raped anally while she was unconscious. This was an act Masterson believed was wrong. Her long, exhausting testimony, which lasted for several days, did not contain many details about persistent physical, verbal, and psychological abuse, as Myape described them on Thursday.

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“She said he would demand sex every day and physically abuse and yell at her if she didn’t want to,”Myape testified. She said if she refused him, he would spit in her face, pull her hair, call her names – and then sometimes just force her to have sex anyway.

“She described that he would constantly want to have sex with her daily and would verbally abuse her if she said no … so she just gave in to avoid the abuse and the pulling of hair and spitting,”Myape.

Reinhold Mueller, Deputy District Attorney, asked Myape if she remembered any specific words Masterson would say to or call her.


“Does ‘white trash’ sound familiar?”The prosecutor was asked.


Mueller then asked Myape if he could read from the transcript of CB telling Myape a story about a fight after returning from Paris.

“She came home, she was tired, he wanted to have sex. She said no and indicated she was proud of herself. He ended up puling her hair, slapping her, pulling out of the room, verbally abusing her and she was spit on. Myape said she told her it was common for him to spit on her and that it would be somewhere on her face.”

She also read a transcript of the November 2001 incident – one of the incidents for which Masterson has been criminally charged:

“She told me that she and Danny Masterson went to dinner. She had couple of glasses of wine. She came home but she doesn’t remember what happened. All she remembers is she woke up, and went to the bathroom and her anus was bleeding and her whole body was in pain. She said to him ‘Did you have anal sex with me?’ and he laughed and said ‘Yeah I did.’”

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Myape also confirmed that CB reported the incident. “ethics officer”Masterson introduced her to the Church of Scientology. CB stated that the officer had told her she had “pulled it in” – “which is a terminal in Scientology that means it was her fault,”Myape.

Myape also said that CB had told her that “you cannot say anything derogatory or negative about anyone in Scientology, especially an upstat member, which is someone high or a celebrity … and if you did you’d be declared a suppressive person – and that meant you would be ‘fair game’ to other members of Scientology and they could harm you or sue you.”

CB was also asked by the investigator how often Masterson became aggressive with her.

“All the time,”She replied.

CB had told her Masterson would manipulate Masterson by making her do the silent treatment and sleeping in separate rooms. He would also make her go on her knees and apologize for her actions. CB told her, according to the detective, that sometimes punishments and abuses could include penetrative sexual sex.

Myape claimed that CB told her Masterson broke up with her in 2002.

Masterson was formally charged in 2020, but allegations first came to light in 2017 when a blogger covering Scientologyreportedthat detectives were investigating the actor after three women came forward with accusations of rape and assault. Three women allege that Masterson came to their attention in the early 2000s via the Church of Scientology. Each woman has claimed that they were forced to remain silent by the Church.

Masterson denied any wrongdoing. The church denied any involvement.

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Testimony resumed on Thursday afternoon with a pair “outcry”Witnesses to the Jane Doe case are now known “N Trout,”She testified earlier in the week that Masterson pursued and began to pursue her in 2003. “predatory”Staring sessions were started while out with friends. He then forced her to drink a glass of wine, and then he bullied her into coming over to his home. Once there, she said, he forced her to drink a glass of wine, then relentlessly pressured her to do things she didn’t want while she drifted in and out of consciousness, an encounter that ended with a painful, “pounding”After she asked him to stop having sex with them, he started raping her on his bed.

Jordan Ladd from Cheryl Ladd’s daughter and producer David Ladd was one such witness. “scream queen”N. Trout was a friend of actress and she met her on the set for the 1999 film “Never Been Kissed.” The other was N Trout’s mother.

Ladd said she was N. Trout’s best friend at the time of the alleged assault, but that Masterson was “sort of an acquaintance”Who ran in similar social circles. When asked about a certain “difficult conversation”She said N. Trout was the one she had in 2003. “physically shaking … highly emotional. Her breathing was labored and she was trembling in her speech” – an apt description of the witness’ time on the stand.

“She said she had sex with Danny Masterson and that she kept saying ‘No’ and ‘I don’t want to do this’ and ‘please stop’ over and over again. Ladd said he didn’t stop – so N. Trout just finally “gave up.”

“I was shocked. I felt helpless. At a loss for words,”Ladd stated that her friend advised her not to tell anyone else. “She seemed afraid, confused. She adamantly shut me down and was terrified that I would say something to someone.”

Ladd stated that she sent N. Trout a text message when she learned about Masterson’s charges. She claimed she spoke with the LAPD lead detective after reaching out to LAPD.

N. Trout’s mother, Joanne Berger, testified next. Joanne Berger, N. Trout’s mother, testified next. She stated that her daughter had reported the attack. “a day or two”Later, she was unable to recall much of the conversation but there were some things that stood out that she didn’t forget.

“She said that he was coming at her from behind … like a jackhammer and relentless and that it was very painful and that she told him to stop and he wouldn’t stop and that she threw up in her mouth. I was shocked,”She wept, then said,

She stated that the two had never used this word together. “rape,”And was then asked why.

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“That’s because I had a fairly old-fashioned idea about rape. I thought it was someone who held a knife to your throat or a gun to your head. I realized that doesn’t necessarily construe rape and it’s about consent. There were no weapons involved and there was no extreme violence to her person. That’s why I didn’t question it.”

That concluded Thursday’s testimony. A new witness was expected Friday morning.

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