Dancing with The Stars DWTS Season 30 Are The Spice Girls Going to Reunite?

Chances are if you were alive in the 90s you listened to the Spice Girls at times. Many Dancing with The Stars Fans were thrilled to hear Melanie Chisolm (also known as Mel C or Sporty Spice) would be joining the next season.

Now DWTS Many fans want to know if the Spice Girls will be back on the show this season.

Mel C believes that anything is possible. Sporty Spice recently interviewed Mel C. ET to Discuss the possibility of a Spice Girls appearance on the show.

We’re celebrating 25 years since the Spice Girls released their first album

It’s the perfect moment to present one of the Spice Girls on DWTS. After all, they’re celebrating the 25th anniversary of their first album, SpiceThis is the year. Can you believe it’s been 25 years since “Wannabe” First radio hit?

Dancing with The Stars DWTS Season 30 Are The Spice Girls Going to Reunite?

Mel C is busy in rehearsals, trying to please her former bandmates and fans.

“I feel very unprepared, in fact, it’s crazy,” Mel C told ET. “I had my first rehearsal yesterday and it was wild because I have danced, you know, with the Spice Girls — we do our little dance routines. I danced as a kid. I did ballet, and it’s like, can you just forget everything you’ve ever learned? It’s so, so different. And all the styles have such different techniques, so I like a challenge.”

What does this say about a possible Spice Girl reunion?

“I really want to embrace that in the show, so it would be lovely and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we get spice action,” Mel C continued. “It’d be rude not to, right?”

What will Mel C do in the competition?

Mel C isn’t the first of the girl group to compete on DWTS. Mel B, also known by Scary Spice, was 2nd in Season 5. Mel C is expected to compete with Gleb Svchenko this season, according to rumors.

Gleb hasn’t won a Mirrorball Trophy yet, but there’s a first time for everything. Artem Chigvintsev was the winner of his first championship last year. Alan Bersten was a first-timer the year before. DWTSWinner. Gleb might be awarded his first Mirrorball Trophy if the trend continues.

The competition is sure to be fierce this year. Season 30’s competitors include many who have dance backgrounds, such as JoJo Siwa. Mel C claims that the Spice Girls have been supportive of Mel C as she joins them. DWTSCast.

“They’re all super excited for me, and they’re kinda, like, ‘You’ve gotta win!’”The singer shared the love with ET. “That’s a bit of pressure, so I was like, ‘I’ll do my best.’”

Listen to Mel C’s performance. Dancing with The Stars This premiere will be held on September 20, 2010. You won’t want to miss this exciting premiere!

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