Dan Harmon’s Krapopolis finally gets a release date at Fox

Dan Harmon's Krapopolis finally gets a release date at Fox

A report by Deadline Back in 2021 “Krapopolis”, a series “curated completely on Blockchain”, aims to become the first “curated” entirely.

Although it is unclear whether any of the production aspects of “Krapopolis” are tied in with the digital ledger that can be both eternal and ephemeral, depending on whom you ask, the network appeared to focus primarily on creating a digital marketplace to accompany the show, which will of course allow fans to purchase NFTs. NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens, are a Web3 concept that, put simply, allows one to definitively purchase an image online that could potentially rise dramatically in value. Or, perhaps more accurately, it allows anyone from a television network to a random Twitter Blue subscriber to sell online users the rights to specific JPEGs for hundreds — or, in some cases, millions — of dollars. NFTs had a neutral reputation when the “Krapopolis'” announcement was made, but they are now associated with scams and scandals.

The representative of the series said The A.V. The A.V. It is believed that in the current “Krapopolis”, the Blockchain will be used for the sale of “Krap Chickens” to viewers. These “Krap Chickens” can then be used to buy digital goods that sound a bit like NFTs or to participate in real life fan events. They also allow the viewer to choose the outcome of certain plots in the TV series. It remains to be determined what impact the Blockchain will have on “Krapopolis”. This will become clearer after September 24, when it premieres.

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