Dad has an idea ‘genius’Method to make sure his children behave before Christmas

A DAD has a solution. ‘genius’His way of getting his children to be good around Christmas.

TikTok dad Benny shared this video of a roaring log fireplace with festive wrapped presents next to it.

A dad on TikTok has revealed his ‘genius’ method of getting his kids to behave at Christmas


TikTok’s dad has shared his secrets with the world ‘genius’Method of getting his children to behave at Christmas

He wraps empty presents and throws them on the fire if the kids misbehave


If they aren’t good enough, he wraps them up and throws them in the fire.

He explained: “Christmas is coming, and here is a sure fire way to ensure your little darlings behaving proper.”

The video caption read: “With Christmas approaching, here is a top tip for parents.

“Wrap up some empty boxes and pretend they have presents. 

“Then each time one of those little f****** misbehaves, chuck one on to the fire.”

Although the cheeky tip went viral, parents may have been unsure if it was too mean.

One person said: “How to cause trauma to children.”

Another added: “If you need to do this to get your kids to behave, then the issue is not with the kids.

A third wrote: “Ah yes, let’s start the childhood trauma early and make them hate Christmas.”

It was praised by many, and one commented: “This is hilarious.”

The second was: “My dad did this, we started to behave after this.”

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