Cristopher William The Drug boss With Money Laundering girlfriend Enjoying a luxury Thailand holiday!

Cristopher William was found to be behind a gang that dealt heroin and cracks cocaine. His girlfriend Lauren Callister hid the money.

These are the holiday snaps from a drug gang boss with his girlfriend, while they relax on a luxurious Thailand vacation 

These are holiday snaps from a drug gang boss with his girlfriend, while they relax on a luxury vacation in Thailand.

Cristopher Williams (32), was found to be the brains behind the drug plot that overflowed Cumbria streets with heroin and crack cocaine while Lauren Callister (25) laundered the cash.

These photos Liverpool Echo The couple traveled with their friends to a luxury villa on Koh Samui, Southeast Asia, in January 2020.

Cristopher William The Drug boss With Money Laundering girlfriend Enjoying a luxury Thailand holiday!

Callister – who laundered around £15,000 of dirty cash for Williams via her bank account – boasted online, “best place iv ever stayed “She shared sun-kissed photos of herself in a bikini while on a boat trip to the beautiful Pileh Lagoon.

Cristopher Williams (32), was identified as the brains behind the drug plot that overflowed Cumbria’s streets with heroin and crack cocaine. Lauren Callister (25) was also found to be the one who laundered the money.

Another picture shows Callister enjoying the views of Chaweng Bay from a private residence while floating on an inflatable Flamingo.

One photo shows the couple enjoying their winter vacation with Liam Benfield (convicted robber, drug runner) as they lounge on a sandy beach.

Williams and Benfield’s life was a mess last week. Prisoned for the Class A plot Preston Crown Court

Prosecutors claimed that Williams was the one who controlled and directed the operation. The conspiracy took place between November 1, 2019, and June 23, 2020.

One photo shows that the couple enjoyed their winter break together with Liam Benfield, a convicted robber/drug runner, and other friends. They were enjoying a relaxing day on the beach.

Williams, a Liverpool native, was sentenced to eight and a quarter years in prison, while Callister was given a two-year community order.

This significant operation, codenamed Furtim by Cumbria Police and meaning stealthily in Latin), targeted gang members from both Merseyside as Cumbria.

Police caught six members of the gang from Merseyside.

The gang traveled regularly between Merseyside & Barrow to deliver drugs and to collect money. They also recruited people to help them grow their ranks.

It was possible to establish a sophisticated business using a phone line. This allowed for group messages to be sent at different times to drug users in Barrow, promoting the sale of heroin and crack cocaine.

Callister claimed that he had a website. “best place iv ever stayed”As she shared some sunkissed photos of herself in a bikini during a boat ride with her drug dealer boyfriend at Pileh Lagoon,

Once the customer has replied, they will be given a place to meet up to purchase the product.

More than 7,700 messages were received by the court to more than 200 numbers in Barrow.

Operation Furtim involved detectives from Cumbria Police in identifying the phone number that was being used to make the transactions.

They struck at a Barrow home on May 19, 2020, where they caught Benfield (a drug addict) and Kerri Mallet (a criminal).

Benfield, 30, was found to have 28 heroin and five crack cocaine wrapped around him.

When officers searched a loft space, they found £2,845 in cash, which Benfield was linked to by forensic evidence.

Another photo shows Callister enjoying ocean views from a private residence overlooking Chaweng Bay, the Gulf of Thailand, and floating on an inflatable flamingo.

Benfield was previously jailed for over three years in September 2017 after being caught with heroin and crack cocaine in his underwear in a Carlisle pub toilet cubicle.

The Cumbria Police investigation into the gang resulted in a series of raids on June 23, 2019,

When they raided Williams’ Old Swan home, Callister was taken into custody.

They discovered around £2,000 in cash, numerous mobile phones, and a “master list”Williams kept records of Barrow drug users. Williams was described as having knowledge of how to use the phone line.

Williams and Callister were taken into custody by police officers after they raided their home in June 2020.

Williams pleaded guilty in two cases to conspiring supply of Class A drugs. He was sentenced to eight years.

According to his lawyers, he now wants to make a difference in his life and hopes to work as a bricklayer after he is released from prison.

Williams also stated that Callister was his responsibility.

Callister, originally from Carlisle was initially charged with being involved in the same heroin-and crack cocaine conspiracy but was later cleared.

Williams pleaded guilty and was sentenced to eight and a quarter years in prison to conspiring to supply Class-A drugs.

After admitting to converting criminal property, she was released from court and received a two-year community order that included a 50-day Rehabilitation Activity requirement and 80 hours of unpaid work.

Benfield was also convicted of drug plots and received a sentence for five years, eight months.

Other Merseyside members of the gang were convicted as part of the drug conspiracy. These included Kyle Annett (26) of Croxteth Hall Lane in Croxteth and Paul McGovern (44) of September Road in Anfield. Matthew Renshaw (28) of Woolacombe Avenue in St Helens.

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