Creators of “Fauda”, Planned New Indian Collaborations

Avi Issacharoff & Lior Raz are the co-creators and executive producers for hit Israeli espionage thriller. “Fauda,” Both men stated that they were planning on collaborating in multiple Indian productions.

This would be in addition “Tanaav,“ the Indian adaptation of “Fauda” Applause Entertainment currently airs on Sony Liv.

On Sunday, the executives attended the 53rd International Film Festival of India for the Asian Premiere of Season Four. “Fauda.” In January 2023, the show will upload to Netflix.

“Our company is now looking for more and more international content, not Israeli, not necessarily American, but international content. We are already working on a kind of an Indian story, that we cannot talk about too much. We’re also looking for more content that will come out of this continent,” Variety was told by Issacharoff.

Raz said, “We want to bring together creators and producers from Israel and India to make good stories. This could be in combination with Indian production companies too.”

Issacharoff claimed, “As a content production company, we understand the potential of collaborating with Indian creators, producers and talents, because the size of the Indian market is huge and there is a lot of potential here.”

They confirmed to the co-creators that Faraway Road Productions was expanding under Candle Media ownership. “We are doing a lot now. We just finished a new show, a spy story, for Showtime,” Issacharoff. Raz said, “We also have two other big projects with Netflix — a big movie and a new show. Big names are going to be part of it. It’s based on a story that happened in Israel, but it’s written as an American story.”

Issacharoff indicated that the company was also in the process of writing a story on an Indian man who moved to England with many talents. The company’s Antoine Fuqua directed “Siege of Bethlehem” Slowly progressing

“There are so many different great stories that have been getting to us in the last few years, and we’re so thankful for that because, in the end, we love to tell stories. Lior loves acting too, so we are both fulfilling our dreams,” Issacharoff spoke.

This “Tanaav,” The pair stated, “We have seen the trailer and we had seen the scripts at the beginning, so we know all about the story. We heard it’s very good and that people are watching it.” The team is also exploring possible solutions. “Fauda” adaptation in the U.K., said Raz, who also plays the show’s lead character Doron.

Raz and Issacharoff participated in a conversation at IFFI. “Storytelling in The Era of Global Entertainment” Along with Rajkumar Rao, Hindi film actor, and Monika Shergill as VP Content, Netflix India.

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