Craig David claims that he can hear people from the future and past through his psychic abilities.

Craig David shared that he has spent many years in the business. “in the closet” about being “psychic”A recent interview.

Fearne Cotton speaks with you about her Happy Place Podcast by the singer of ‘Seven Days’ “I’m super empathic, super sensitive and super psychic, which I feel very liberated to say now.

“I was not open about my psychic abilities. But I’m very clairvoyant and can see future things.”

David, who has just released his new album ’22’, says he is also a “clairaudient”, meaning he can hear people from the past and future.

“I’m clairaudient,” he added. “My ears ring off like crazy and I know there’s a guide or some ancestor trying to come through – and tuning in.”

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It comes as David is about to release a part-memoir, part-self help book, What’s Your Vibe?

The star opened up about his struggles after a back injury in 2017, telling Cotton: “I’ve never felt such pain in my life.”

“This was the beginning of my life.

“I was getting one hour of sleep. I couldn’t get to sleep until about six o’clock in the morning.

“It happened for 2 years, even after receiving injections.

“I hate to say this but I had really dark thoughts where I was, like, you know what, if this is going to be my life from now on, whatever we need to do to stop this…

“I’m thankful I never got to the point of, ‘How would I go about doing that?’”

His book will be available on October 2.

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