Covid Death Toll In U.S. Passes 700,000 Despite Vaccine Push


Friday: The New York Times reportedThe United States has now seen over 700,000. Deaths from Covid-19 have occurred despite widespread availability of vaccines and notable drops in deaths in states like California. The nation’s most populous state, once the epicenter of the pandemic, reported just 126 new deaths on Friday.

One week ago, the number of Covid deaths exceeded 675,000. OvercomingThe Spanish Flu has taken its toll, making the current pandemic one the deadliest in U.S. History.

The virus has now passed another milestone, just a week after it was first reported. According to The Times, states that are driving this terrible march are mostly in the South. Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Florida are some of the most affected. Younger people are more likely to die and many of those who have died in recent years were not vaccinated.

According to a Times Survey report, almost every age group below 55 died from the pandemic by August.

According to the CDC Florida ranks 22nd among the nations in terms vaccine coverage. Alabama ranks 43rd. Mississippi ranks 48th, while Alabama ranks 49th.

California is 17th. It has made an effort to get residents vaccinated. On Friday, Governor Gavin Newsom declared that vaccinations would be required for all eligible children.


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