Courtney Waldrop went over the limit for kids?

Sweet Home Sextuplets Fans are well aware that Eric Waldrop and Courtney Waldrop are very busy with their nine children. On the family’s show, which has officially come to an end, fans got a sneak peek into their busy lives.

It’s safe to say that Courtney and Eric weren’t expecting to have nine children, but they are so happy with their large family now. Saylor is 11 years old, Bridge and Bridge are 9 years respectively, and Blu, Rawlings Tag, Tag, Rayne, and Layke are three years old.

Courtney Waldrop went over the limit for kids?

Courtney Waldrop went over the limit for kids?

In a new Instagram, Post Courtney admits that she may have gone over the limit. It’s not difficult to do with nine kiddos at home. She wrote: “I’m pretty positive we exceeded the kid limit on this thing😝” 

The mother of nine shared photos of her children on an inflatable waterslide she found in their yard. There are two slides and a climbing wall. It looks like the kids are having a blast, even if all of them technically aren’t supposed to be on it at the same time.

She doesn’t reveal what the limit was, but it doesn’t sound like anyone is hurt, and the slide appears to be intact. So, maybe it’s not such a big deal that the family exceeded the limit.

She wrote: “But that’s ok I just loved that the big boys had as much fun playing on it as the sextuplets did!! I think the big boys are loving the riding toys just as much too😆”

Fans love Courtney’s new post, and they think the waterslide looks like a lot of fun for the kids. They say it’s the perfect way to keep all of them occupied.

One fan wrote, “Om-gosh! They are just the cutest!! I can hear the giggles and shenanigans! Haha.”Another addition: “I bet they were so fun to watch!! A great way to end the summer!! ❤️” Some fans also point out how good the older boys are with their younger siblings. Bridge, Saylor, and Wales are seen helping the children.

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