Cops arrest Off-Duty office after they shoot a Service Weapon into the Air:

According to authorities, an off-duty officer from California was arrested after he allegedly fired his gun multiple times into the air outside of a bar where he was drinking with friends.

San Bernardino County officers responded to reports that shots were heard outside the Dogwood Tavern in Blue Jay just before 2 a.m. Sunday, California. According to a department press release. 

According to the release Fidel Ocampo Rodarte (24), was drinking with friends and pulled out a gun from his waistband. He then fired several shots into the sky. 

According to the statement, Ocampo Rodarte, a San Bernardino police officer, fired another round shortly after. The group then fled in different vehicles.

Deputies searched for Ocampo Rodarte in the area, speaking to witnesses. Later that day, Ocampo Rodarte surrendered himself to the Twin Peaks station of the sheriff. 

Later, deputies served a search warrant at Ocampo-Rodarte’s home and found multiple firearms, according to the statement. 

The department said in the statement that Ocampo-Rodarte had been an employee of San Bernardino city for three years. 

According to the release, Ocampo-Rodarte has been arrested and booked for negligently discharge of a firearm. He is currently on administrative leave.

Darren Goodman, Chief of Police for San Bernardino, said this in a statement. “I’m extremely disappointed at what I have been told so far and what I saw on a copy of the business surveillance video,”According to the release. 

“The conduct is not something that is fitting of a San Bernardino Police officer, or any officer for that matter. While I will withhold judgment until the investigation has concluded, I will tell you that this is not what I expect, and this is not conduct that represents the vast majority of our officers.”

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