Concerns Abound over Kyle Rittenhouse Jury Intimidation. Man with AR-15 Protesting Outside Courthouse

An AR-15 rifle was found on a man outside the Kyle Rittenhouse Trial. This is the same weapon that the defendant used to kill two Kenosha residents during unrest in Kenosha.   

The man identified himself as “Maserati Mike,” was spoken to by sheriff’s deputies, who told him he could not protest with the rifle.   

After talking with the officers, the man got in a Maserati and then left.  

Some are concerned that the jurors deliberating Rittenhouse’s fate may feel intimidated by both the accused’s supporters and those calling for a guilty verdict. 500 National Guard troops are available to assist the jury as they deliberate at Kenosha County Courthouse. The city is afraid of repeating the violence seen last year after Jacob Blake was shot by police.  

Scott Carpenter was the owner of an office supply shop that was set on fire during the violence.  

“I think we’re a little bit calmer this time, praying that we learned our lesson that burning down our town is not the answer, but still a little bit of uneasiness, you’re not exactly sure what’s going to happen,”He stated.  

Also outside court Wednesday was Jacob Blake’s uncle Justin.  

“We believe they’re deliberating using their heart, their soul and their mind to focus on the videos that they saw, and I believe they’re going to find this young man was guilty as hell,”Inside Edition was told by him.  

Justin answered a question about Blake’s performance by saying, “Little Jake’s doing great. Mentally, he’s on top of his game. He said, uncle, I’m going to walk by next summer.” 

Judge Bruce Schroeder, who was present at the jury’s hearing, on Wednesday supported Rittenhouse’s selection of jurors. Some have compared it to Bingo.  

“I’m now reading about how bizarre and unusual it was to let the defendant pick the numbers out of a tumbler yesterday,”He stated.  

He said that’s been standard practice in his court for 20 years.  

“I’ve had an almost universal policy of having the defendant do the picks,”He stated.  


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