Company accidentally pays employee 300 times his wages in a major bank blunder – and now he’s refusing to give it back

In a banking mistake, MAN received more than 300 TIMES his salary and refused to return it.

The unnamed bloke, from Somogy County in Hungary, received a whopping £80,000 in error for his short stint at the company.

The ex-employee was overpaid more than 300 times the amount he was owed


This ex-employee has been overpaid by more than 300 percent of what he owed.Credit: Getty

He had been working for a firm in the nearby city of Kaposvár, but his employment was terminated while he was still in the trial period.

However, the employee received a very small amount of money for each shift he worked.

The bungling business was meant to cough up just 92,549 forints (£205) for his hard work.

The money was to be transferred into an Austrian account, but because the person had given a local Austrian bank to which the funds were to go, it had to paid in euros.

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But in an epic banking fail, the sum was not converted from the Hungarian forints – and they sent him €92,549 euros instead.

When the employer realised their mistake, the bubble of the ex-employee burst.

They contacted the worker who was fired and requested that he return the large amount of money accidentally sent.

According to reports, he claimed that he had no access to an Austrian account and was therefore unable to obtain funds.

But his short taste of success was soon cut short by the involvement of police in this case.

Cops discovered that the man had withdrawn €15,500 (£13,400) in cash from the supposedly impenetrable bank account at an ATM in the south of the country.

According to the allegations, he then transferred funds into another account in order to hide some of the money.

Police worked alongside the Kaposvár District Prosecutor’s Office to freeze the bank accounts and recover the money.

Reports claim officials have clawed back €72,000 so far and they hope to track down the rest of the funds that were sent mistakenly.

According to reports, the ex-employee was charged with unlawful acquisition and will receive a heavy

It is expected that he will have to pay compensation to his employer.

We previously told how a labourer who was mistakenly overpaid by £44,000 splashed the cash on cocaine and booze binges.

And a woman who received an extra £21,000 in her wages from the NHS spent the lot – and wasn’t made to pay it back.

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