Colorado Tech Worker Fired after She Revealed Her Salary Raise On TikTok

A Colorado tech worker was fired after she publicly revealed her TikTok increase in salary.

Lexi Larson says she lost her job after sharing that her pay went from $70,000 to $90,000.

“My employer found my TikTok. They said my social media post made them question my judgment as an employee,”Larson stated.

While it used to be taboo to reveal your salary, younger workers say they are comfortable doing so.

Experts agree that transparency in salary is a good thing.

“We should be talking about what we’re getting paid, because we want to make sure there is transparency. That can help to eliminate or reduce bias and that can help close the wage gaps we’re seeing based on gender and race,”Sharon Epperson, a CNBC correspondent, said. 

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