Colin Jost, Scarlett Johansson Allegedly Nearly Broke Up Over His Supposed ‘Insecurity,’ Sketchy Gossip Claimed Last Year

Did Colin Jost and Scarlett Johansson almost call it quits last year? Over twelve months ago, a tabloid claimed that Jost was sabotaging his relationship with his insecurities. Let’s check back in on the couple.

Scarlett Johansson Tells Colin Jost ‘It’s Over’?

Last May, we confronted a story from Woman’s Day alleging that Colin Jost and Scarlett Johansson’s relationship was on thin ice. The report claimed Jost and Johansson were considering calling off their then-impending wedding because of Jost’s jealousy issues. Apparently, the “Weekend Update” anchor was “funny on stage, but miserable as hell when the show’s over,” an insider confided.

“[He’s] incredibly insecure about her past relationships… Scarlett feels like he’s a different person these days.” The outlet then took the opportunity to go through the list of Johansson’s famous exes that Jost was so intimidated by, the likes of which included Ryan Reynolds and Jack Antonoff

Are Scarlett Johansson And Colin Jost Okay?

It seems that as more time passes, stories like these just seem more and more ridiculous. This magazine clearly was playing on the anticipation of Jost and Johansson’s wedding—immediately making their fans fear that they could call it all off. But looking back at this story, we’re able to see just how wrong it was. About a month after this story was published, Jost and Johansson got married in a small, private ceremony at their home. Knowing this a year ago, it was obvious that the tabloid didn’t really have a clue about Jost and Johansson’s relationship.

But a few months after we confronted the story, Johansson and Jost welcomed their first child together—a baby boy named Cosmo. And the more time that passes, the more evidence we have to suggest Jost and Johansson were absolutely made for each other. The couple starred in a Super Bowl commercial together earlier this year.

And more recently, Johansson stopped by the Drew Barrymore Show and gushed about having Jost as her husband. After Barrymore remarked on the program that Jost looks at Johansson “the way a man is supposed to look at his woman,” the actress responded: “Just feeling seen by somebody else … Just to be seen is what it’s all about.”

The Tabloids On Colin Jost And Scarlett Johansson

Of course, getting it wrong about Jost and Johansson once didn’t stop the tabloids from doing it again and again. We busted a story from the National Enquirer claiming Johansson told Jost to quit Saturday Night Live. Then Life & Style named Jost as one of its most henpecked men in Hollywood. And more recently, In Touch claimed Jost and Johansson were struggling over a recent cheating rumor leveled against the comedian. Obviously, these magazines have such a hard time finding drama in Jost and Johansson’s relationship that they need to make some up.

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