Colbert Imagines Even Worse Florida Officials Than Antivax Surgeon General (Video)

Wednesday’s “The Late Show” kicked off with a gag mocking Florida’s truly disastrous new Surgeon General, using extremely cringe viral videos from recent years to imagine other possible dangerous public officials.

So in case you are unfamiliar with this impossible-to-believe news, Florida’s right wing Governor Ron DeSantis doubled down, again, on his apparently pro-COVID-19 policies. DeSantis has of course previously elevated nonsense conspiracy theories about vaccines and COVID and taken steps to literally forbid local governments, schools and even private businesses from trying to keep people alive.

But this week, he appointed a new Surgeon General, Dr. Joseph Ladapo, an opponent of masks who, despite having a medical degree, spreads utter falsehoods about vaccines and COVID-19. To repeat, Florida’s surgeon general, the official entrusted with public health outcomes, is a man who supports policies that will with absolute certainty kill thousands of Floridians.

Anyway, now that you have the not-at-all-scary in its implications background, back to Colbert. As always, the cold open gag began with a supercut of news reports about this insane happening. Then the gag, which redubbed DeSantis’ press conferencing announcing Ladapo’s appointment. DeSantis in the redub says he has a few more announcements. They are:

Secretary of Energy: The idiot who filmed himself almost dying after pouring gallons of gasoline on a pile of lumber and lighting it on fire.

Secretary of Fish and Wildlife: The guy who fell into a lake while casting a fishing rod.

Secretary of Transportation: The guy who failed painfully at skateboarding off a roof and landed on a parking lot.

And Press Secretary: That City of Destiny minister who, very badly and unconvincingly, “speaks” in tongues.

Watch the whole clip below:

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