Coi’s BET Awards 2020 outfit was designed by who? Suit celebrating female rapper game

Coi Leray chose a daring outfit to highlight female rappers at the BET Awards.

East Coast rapper Coi Leray was enlisted to perform at this year’s BET Awards as part of the Busta Rhymes tribute. This year’s ceremony was hosted at Los Angeles’ Microsoft Theater on Sunday, June 25. Busta Rhymes, or Trevor George Smith Jr., received the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Coi was selected to perform alongside the likes of Rah Digga and Swizz Beatz in a special 11-minute-long performance in Busta’s honor. She also used the occasion to honor female rappers by wearing a fashion that stole all eyes.

Coi Leray celebrates female artistry with BET Award outfit

Busta Rhymes performed some of his biggest hits after accepting the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Busta Rhymes and Spliff Star teamed up to perform “Ante Up Remix”, “Scenario,” “Look At Me Now” and “I Know What You Want.” Then several rising rap stars joined to give their spin on Busta’s classics: Scar Lip with “This Is New York,” Coi Leray with “Players” and BIA with “Beach Ball.”

Busta Rhymes’ oeuvre was being celebrated but Coi Leray also gave a subtle nod to influential female artists. Her white suit includes the names of many artists, including the lateGangsta Boo, Cardi B, Remy Ma, Missy Elliot, Eve, Left Eye, Doja Cat,Lil Kim is one of many. Others include Yo-Yo and Foxy Brown.

Coi Leray’s performance gave nod to TLC

It wasn’t just Coi Leray’s choice in outfit that celebrated iconic female rap artists as her dance moves were inspired by an old TLC performance.

Coi and dancers recreate the routine TLC performed at 1995 MTV Awards. They are wearing the same outfits as TLC did for this event.

Coi Leray came up with the BET Awards outfit idea

Coi leray has revealed how she created the design for her BET Awards 2020 outfit.

Coi revealed that she “had the idea” for this suit and that creative director and designer OtheezY “brought it to life.”

Coi Leray and OtheezY have collaborated before. OtheezY also designed clothes and styled outfits for renowned artists like Missy Elliot.

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