Cobra Kai Martin Kove Epic Dancing With the Stars Debut – Cobra Kai Fans Need to See This!

Martin Kove made his Dancing with the Stars debut on Monday night and put on a performance that Cobra Kai fans would love. The 75-year-old actor performed the Paso Doble to “You’re The Best” by Joe “Bean” Esposito with his pro partner Britt Stewart. Before the performance started, Kove did a Cobra Kai skit, which got the fans involved.

Stewart and Kove received a score of 13 out of 40 from the judges, which was the lowest score among all dance couples. The judges weren’t too kind to Kove as they didn’t like the Cobra Kai/Karate Kid skit as well as his dancing skills. Kove, who is 75 years old, is doing his best to entertain the crowd. Next week, a couple will be eliminated from the competition. He will then find out what his fate is.

“This is much harder than any full-contact tournament I’ve ever been to,” Kove spoke after his performance. Cobra Kai fans will likely vote as much as they can to keep Kove on the show. In the meantime, Kove is getting ready for the fourth season of Cobra Kai, which will start streaming in December. Kove was in The Karate Kid with Ralph Macchio and William Zabka. He joined the Cobra Kai cast at the end of Season 1 and emerged as the main antagonist.

“Karate Kid is a gift that keeps giving, and everybody loves it,” Kove said to The Hollywood Reporter last year. “To me, the star of Karate Kid, the original movie, was Robert Mark Kamen, the writer. Because how many other movies can boast five or six iconic lines, lines like: ‘Sweep the leg.’ ‘No mercy.’ ‘Mercy is for the weak.’ All that [from one movie]. ‘Wax on, wax off.’  There are four or five right there. These are the classics that stay alive.”

Kove also discussed the possibility of reprising John Kreese’s role. “I wanted to come back to the role,” He said. “I was quite leery to do it as written for the movies, but my basic insistence to the [Cobra Kai] writers was, “Is this a character you will write with vulnerability? Is it possible to put him in a number of different situations?” And they did, they had him coming off episode one, season two as if he was a big shot. He portrayed that everything’s cool, and he’s coming back, and he wants to be in Cobra Kai because it’s now big news.”

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