CNN Mourns Longtime Stage Manager Jay Conroy

CNN staffers are grieving the loss of Jay Conroy (longtime stage manager), as CNN anchor Jim Sciutto reported Monday morning.

The cause of Conroy’s death was not immediately revealed.

Sciutto led the network’s on-air tribute to Conroy, which included clips of the time he made the call to evacuate the building after a 2018 bomb threat. “It was Jay who shepherded us – ordered us, in fact – off the set and out of the building and to safety,”Sciutto.

He described Conroy as “a good friend, a deeply special person. He was kind, sincere, and he was generous.”

He also tweeted “We at @CNN lost a dear, dear colleague and friend this weekend. Our stage manager Jay Conroy took care of us, kept us safe and made us laugh. We will miss him so much.”

Conroy, who was previously a backstage performer in several rock bands, before joining CNN, hosted the Rock Hard website and radio program from New York.

Monday’s tribute included the moment in 2012 when he was surprised on-air by his favorite band, Aerosmith, whose T-shirts he often wore at work.

CNN’s senior media reporter Oliver DarcyThis is the news “devastating,” adding, “gutting to hear that we have lost him.”

The cause of his death has not yet been revealed. CNN has not yet made an official comment about his death.

CNN Mourns Longtime Stage Manager Jay Conroy

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