Clip of Brexiteer making fun of people worrying about Dover queues has been rediscovered.

One clip showing a Brexiteer making fun of Remainers for their worries about Dover’s port was viral, despite chaotic queues at Dover.

After delays at Dover’s port, which is used to facilitate the crossing to France, many lorries and holidaymakers were stuck in gridlock traffic for the past few days.

Some were left queueing for hours, but it’s something that those who wanted to remain in the European Union could see coming and warned about.

Some Brexiteers made fun of their concerns about Dover’s long queues, and their comments have come back to haunt the group.

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2017 Brexiteer John Redwood joked about the matter in the Commons, saying: “There’s another one that they are constantly telling us, which is that there will be lorries queueing all the way back from Dover.

“I’m not quite sure how because that would mean they were queueing in the sea?”

It’s fair to say the clip has aged like milk as people report having to queue for 6 hours to cross the border to France due to the requirement to check and stamp every passport.

One person wrote this in response to the shocking clip: “The days before project fear became project told you so you f**king feckless morons.

“Dover is now a lorry park.”

Another thought: “This is the kind of stupidity masquerading as intelligence that caused Brexit.”

Someone else added: “Eejit in chief.”

“When I came back from France a few weeks back it took forever to get off the boat due to the backlog at passport control, so technically yes we were waiting in the sea,”An additional option was added.

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