Cindy Crawford Opened Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty Fashion Show

Cindy Crawford Opened Rihanna's Savage X Fenty Fashion Show

  • Rihanna’s third Savage X Fenty fashion show premiered on Amazon Prime on Friday.
  • The show was opened by Cindy Crawford, a supermodel.
  • Crawford had previously hinted at her retirement from modeling so her appearance was unexpected.

Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty fashion showcase Vol. Amazon Prime premiered 3 on Friday.

The event was attended by models such as Adriana Lima and Gigi Hadid, who walked in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. 

The event featured models, but also artists Normani and Daddy Yankee. 

Cindy Crawford, a legendary figure in modeling, was also involved in Rihanna’s launch of the show.

Crawford, 55, is the first model to walk in the performance, ascending a spiral staircase as dancers look down at her and Jade Novah sings.

A floor-length teal gown with a halter neckline and a thigh high slit was worn by Crawford. 

Crawford then appears at the top, in one of her trademark modeling poses, after a dance interlude featuring Savage X Fenty performers.

Crawford is seen in the same dress as before, walking into an elevator. In the elevator with windows overlooking a large city, she takes a few more poses.

The elevator then closes as she poses, reopening to reveal BIA performing her hit song “Cover Girl” in a neon-green Savage X Fenty set.

Crawford became a modeling legend after landing a Vogue cover in 1986 and filming her now-iconic Pepsi commercial for 1992, with her distinctive mole setting her apart. As Insider previously reported, Crawford went on to sign a multimillion-dollar deal with Revlon and became the “first modern fashion model” to pose for Playboy.

Crawford previously suggested she is retiring from modeling and would instead focus on supporting her daughter Kaia Gerber’s burgeoning career instead.

Crawford’s Savage X Fenty performance showed that her runway skills are still as sharp as ever.

All Amazon Prime members can stream the Savage X Fenty Show for free.

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