Cinderella Teaser Watch Online For Free On September 3, 2021 | Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video has reportedly unveiled the first-ever teaser of the forthcoming film Cinderella. The race-blind take on the classic fairytale stars Camila Cabello, the famous singer as Ella, a tortured girl who sews.

In the teaser, the viewers come across Ella, who dreams of starting a boutique of her own. She’s also thought of the name of the brand, ‘Dresses by Ella.’ The teaser features an insight into the snippet of a royal ball, a stepmother and stepsisters, and a handsome prince. The Amazon Original includes dancing and singing; then there is Billy Porter as gender-equal Fairy Godmother.

Cinderella: Release Date

The teaser provides a date of release for the forthcoming film, which is coming to Amazon Prime.

Watch the teaser below:

Cinderella: How to watch the film for free?

Amazon Prime provides a 30-day trial for new users. There are specific steps that you could follow to activate Amazon Prime for free:

  • Visit Amazon Prime Video on Android or iOS applications or the internet.
  • Click on the button, ‘Start at Rs. 999.’
  • Sign in to the account that you use with the Amazon e-Commerce platform.
  • You’d then see an option of paying Rs. 2 & this is how you could activate the free trial option.
  • You’ll be prompted that the trial version is activated successfully.
  • Make sure that you cancel the trial version before 30 days to avoid being charged Rs. 999.


Cinderella Teaser Watch Online For Free On September 3, 2021 | Amazon Prime Video

Watch Cinderella on Amazon Prime Video

Many viewers tend to rely on pirated platforms and websites to download or stream the content. There is a likely chance that pirated websites will leak the film a few moments after the premiere on Amazon Prime Videos.

It is a genuine request to readers not to support piracy in India or anywhere else as it is a criminal offense. Using pirated platforms to watch films and TV Series can cost you jail time and hefty times.

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