Chuck Lorre Has Sad Relationship News Yet Again

Chuck Lorre Has Sad Relationship News Yet Again

On July 22,TMZ reported that Chuck Lorre and his wife, Arielle Mandelson, would be divorcing. Two of their sources are: “irreconcilable differences,”Lorre will be paying most of the expenses. Lorre will make a 2021 guest appearance on his wife’s podcast. “The Blond Files,”Lorre could not say enough good things about his wife. “I like your relentless ambition,”He said it at the time. “I thought you were dazzling [when we first met] and a source of joy. You struck me as a warm and joyful person, and that was very attractive. That, and you wore something off-the-shoulder and your shoulder killed me! It was a one-two punch of joyfulness, sweetness, warmth and the shoulder.”

Lorre has three wives, Mandelson being the third. In 1979, he married Paula Smith, his business partner. — with whom he had two children — before they divorced in 1992, and then actor and model Karen Witter in 2001. Witter and he Divorced in 2010.

Lorre and Mandelson, who have been married since 2018, said in a joint statement, “It is with mutual consideration and respect that we have decided to separate,”PerVariety. “Our plan is to move forward in different directions but with great love, admiration and gratitude for the time we shared. We ask that you respect our privacy during this difficult time. Thank you for your support.”

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