Christopher Meloni was the victim of SVU’s mental toll

Christopher Meloni was the victim of SVU's mental toll

It shouldn’t be surprising that “Law & Order: SVU”There are some particularly disturbing episodes. Sexually-based crimes can be seen in the credit sequence. “SVU”The well-known actor is known for his portrayal of stories about sexual assault and the trauma it can cause. These themes are a constant challenge for actors who have to deal with them for 12 seasons. NPR’s “Fresh Air,”Christopher Meloni pointed out how crucial it was to treat the material with sincerity. Meloni met face-to-face with real-life SVU agents, giving him a firsthand perspective on the difficulties of their jobs. The actor had to tell these stories well, and scripts were a valuable asset in that fight. Episodes “SVU”They are often dark and Meloni took that view to heart.

“[Y]ou know, the horrors just keep coming and coming. And invariably, you know, it was the women — our women writers who would write the toughest scripts,” Meloni told NPR. “They pulled no punches.”It can be costly to live in the same mindset as Stabler. Meloni took a break for a decade but he returned swinging. “Law & Order: Organized Crime”It offered the actor a new opportunity and got him back in the saddle.

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