Christmas Has Started Early For Hallmark’s ‘You, Me, And The Christmas Tree’

Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas is coming soon. Kicking off 2021 is You, Me, And The Christmas Tree in a Wonder Years reunion. This stars fan-favorite Danica McKellar (A Crown For Christmas, Domino Masters), Benjamin Ayres (Cranberry Christmas, Suits), and Jason Hervey (The Wonder Years, Back To The Future).

Do you still have your Christmas sweater on? Have you ever made hot chocolate and sugar cookies? Are you ready to kick off the 2021 Christmas movie season?

What Is Hallmark’s You, Me And The Christmas Tree About?

According to the Hallmark synopsis, Olivia (McKellar) is Connecticut’s resident expert on Evergreens. Jack (Ayres) calls her days before Christmas to ask for her assistance. Jack is a Christmas tree grower and needs her expertise to solve the mystery illness that has caused their trees to die. Moreover, this is ruining their business, which has been his family’s legacy for 100 years.

After calling off her Christmas wedding six months earlier, Olivia isn’t eager to head home for the holidays. Therefore, she agrees to make a detour and stop at Jack’s farm in Avon to examine the trees.

Olivia, who is unable to find the source of the problem immediately, extends her stay in order to conduct advanced testing. While she waits for tree test results, Olivia goes along with Jack to the holiday celebrations in town.

Olivia finds the traditions an interesting change from the traditional holidays she grew to love. They begin to fall in love as they spend more time together. Jack helps Olivia connect to her parents, Christmas, and herself.

Her perseverance pays off in the end. Best of all, Olivia not only devises a way to preserve Jack’s trees but she discovers the shocking truth about why his firs were fizzling – much to the dismay of Dwayne (Hervey), a rival local tree farmer. 

Hallmark Photo: Benjamin Ayres, Danica McKellar, Jason Hervey Credit: Copyright 2021 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Ryan Plummer

Danica McKellar Excited For Wonder Years Reunion With Jason Hervey

Did you know that Hallmark’s You, Me And The Christmas Tree is a Wonder Years reunion? Danica McKellar shared the excitement on social media.

On Instagram, she wrote, “Big 🎄📽 announcement in @entertainmentweekly – and a Wonder Years reunion! 🎉 I can finally tell you that my Christmas movie this year is called “You, Me & The Christmas Trees” with @benjaminayres and one of my Wonder Years co-stars, @jason.hervey- yes, he played the older brother Wayne! In real life, we’re good friends, like family. It was great fun working together. 🤗”

“And – more big news – this movie kicks off @hallmarkchannel ‘s entire Countdown to Christmas lineup this year – just one month from now!  #YouMeAndTheChristmasTrees premieres Friday October 22nd at 8pm/7pmC on @hallmarkchannel. I’ll be posting BTS of the movie all month, so stay tuned! 😋”

McKellar promises that there will be some fun BTS footage. What fun is that?

When Can You Watch Hallmark’s You, Me And The Christmas Tree?

The premiere of You, Me And The Christmas Tree is on Friday, October 22, at 8 p.m. Eastern. Encore viewings are Saturday, October 23 at 6 p.m. and Wednesday, October 27 at 10 p.m. Eastern on the Hallmark Channel.

You can tweet along with the stars on premiere night by visiting Twitter Danica McKellar is very active on social media. There will be many stories she can share. You will also have a lot to enjoy sharing the experience with fellow Christmas movie buffs!

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