Christmas at risk if you don’t get boosters as 1 in 4 with ‘cold’Expert warns that Covid can actually exist

Experts say CHRISTMAS is at high risk unless people have their Covid booster jabs.

Study shows that cases of the disease are increasing once more. However, many people will not be aware they have it because cold symptoms mask the fact.

People have been urged to get their vaccine doses to save Christmas. Pictured: Shoppers in London


To save Christmas, people were urged to get their vaccines. Pictured: London ShoppersCredit: LNP
Covid prevalence (how many people have the disease) across the UK


The prevalence of covid (how many people have this disease) in the UK

The ZOE COVID study estimates that 76,728 more people are becoming symptomatic Covid every day in the UK – 18% higher than the 65.059 reported last week.

Professor Tim Spector, lead scientist on the study, says it’s “far too high”It’s also called “The Greatest” “up to us to save Christmas”.

He said: “Seeing cases on the rise again is really disheartening and the recent ups and downs, unlike previous waves, is making it hard to predict where things will be from week-to-week. 

“However, for me, the message is that cases are still far too high. Although we  appear, for now, to be faring better than some European countries in terms of case numbers, the UK continues to have relatively high hospital admissions and deaths, which is a real cause for concern. 

“While the government is unlikely to enforce restrictions for Christmas, family gatherings will undoubtedly increase risk, especially for older and more vulnerable family members who haven’t yet had their third vaccine dose. 

“Saving Christmas is up to us. Those of us eligible for the third jab should take it now.”

This comes after the Government had warned that people who are eligible for a booster will have to wait two weeks before they can receive it. If they want complete protection by Christmas Day, then this is the right time.

December 11th is the final day to get a dose increase and receive over 90% protection against illness and hospitalisation.

Situation of an outbreak 

According to the ZOE study, the R rate in all countries (except Scotland) is higher than 1 which indicates that the spread of the disease is increasing.

On average, 1 in 66 UK citizens has symptomatic Covid. This does not include people without symptoms.

The current epidemic is being driven mainly by children under 17 years old. Around 31,000 people are currently afflicted with the virus every day.

Prof Spector warns that adults are not immune.

There is a rise in cases among the 35-55 year olds, but the cases are stable in older adults, probably due to the booster doses.

Covid cases have risen once again, according to estimates from the ZOE study


According to the ZOE study, covid cases have increased once more
The number of estimated new symptomatic Covid cases per day by age group


Number of Covid cases with symptomatic new symptoms per day, according to age group

The government has shown that the number of Covid positive cases has increased by 11 percent in one week. Despite the fluctuations in cases since July, overall, there has been a steady, but elevated, level of cases.

In the last seven days, the number of patients admitted to hospital (5,703) has fallen 11.6 percent compared to the previous week. 

Prof Spector said that everyone should be cognizant of this “one in four people with cold-like symptoms have Covid-19”.

Experts believe that vaccinations have become more widespread and people are reporting more common symptoms such as runny noses, headaches, and sneezing, than the traditional triad of Covid symptoms.

Covid’s first appearance was marked by a decrease in the frequency of persistent coughs, loss of taste or smell, and high temperatures. 

Prof Spector suggested if cases remain stable over the Christmas period, they will likely spike again in the New Year.

Sky News was told by him: “It looks like it’s going to stay fairly flat – hopefully not get worse before Christmas – after that I think it will get worse again.”

The professor of genetic epidemiology at King’s College London said “now was not the time to portray the UK as a success story”.

It comes after a minister suggested that the UK could become the first country worldwide to use vaccines against Covid.

LBC radio’s Nadhim Zahawi spoke this week about his former role as vaccine minister: “We will probably, I hope, without being complacent, be the first major economy in the world to demonstrate how you transition (from) pandemic to endemic using vaccines.”

Many European countries have put citizens under lockdown as Christmas approaches. This is due to Concerning Covid Spikes.

Certain countries restrict the freedoms of unvaccinated people from going to restaurants and shops. 

Austria and Germany are also proposing mandatory vaccines in an effort to end the crisis.

However, the UK is unlikely to become a major outbreak before Christmas due to the introduction of second doses to teenagers as well as boosters for those over 40.

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister, stated that the UK is still a good choice. “cannot be complacent”.

Vaccine rates are considerably better than many of the European’s countries that are in despair. 

For example, shocking figures show as little as 26 per cent of people have had one vaccine dose in Bulgaria compared with the UK’s 88 per cent. The number of cases per capita is also twice that. 

Prof Tim Spector, lead of the ZOE COVID Symptom Study app


Prof. Tim Spector is the lead of ZOE COVID Symptom Study appCredit: Alamy
Christmas at risk if you don’t get boosters as 1 in 4 with ‘cold’Expert warns that Covid can actually exist


UK Covid deaths drop by a third over a week, as 149 people more die. However, the number of cases is up 14% as 43,676 people test positive

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