Chrisley Knows Best Julie Chrisley Is READY To Plow Her Husband Todd’s Face!

Recent research has shown that Chrisley Knows Best Clip: Julie with Chase and Grayson. By the end of the clip, it is obvious that Julie Chrisley is ready to plow Todd’s face. However, don’t fear, it’s not what you think. Continue reading to learn more about this couple.

Is Todd’s whole family mad at him?

Chrisley USA’s Instagram account recently shared a video of Chase, Grayson, & Julie hitting golf balls. Grayson seems to be a little nervous about swinging the golf club. His big brother Chase offers some guidance. Chase replies, “if it’ll make you feel any better, take the golf club. Tee that ball up. And picture dad’s face on it.”

Chrisley Knows Best Julie Chrisley Is READY To Plow Her Husband Todd's Face!

Grayson next swings at a golf ball and sends the ball flying into a water fountain. The brothers find it funny that Grayson swings at the golf ball and sends it flying into a fountain. Their mom asks. “Y’all got another club?”

What is it?  What have fans to say?

Interestingly enough, fan responses have nothing to do with the fact that Todd’s wife and kids are imagining his face on golf balls they’re hitting. Several comments are hyperfocused on the family’s appearance. A couple of fans have complaints about Savannah’s makeup. Others point out that Todd’s makeup wasn’t done correctly. There are also a few comments which almost beg Todd not to get botox.

So why would Julie want to pretend Todd’s face is on a golf ball? It seems like there are many reasons. But the fact that he built the guest bedroom for her might be the most significant. Todd wanted Julie sleeping in the guest room, as she snores loudly. Julie took offense and Todd was right. The mother of three believed her husband was trying to kick her out of her bedroom. She shared that Todd should have spoken to her first.

What do you think of Julie Chrisley’s and her sons’ practice? Golf balls are hit you agree? Do you think it’s fair to Todd? Please leave your comments below. Keep checking back for more TV Shows AceFor more information Chrisley Knows Best News.

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