Chris Rock is ‘Misty” in His First Set after Oscars Incident. He addresses those who came to hear about the slap

Chris Rock is 'Misty" in His First Set after Oscars Incident. He addresses those who came to hear about the slap

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences was probably really hoping that several days later people would still be talking about the Oscars, but the reasons the Academy Awards are still a topic of conversation are likely not what anybody was hoping for. Will Smith is seen slapping Chris Rock is still a major topic of conversation, but it won’t be getting discussed much on Rock’s current stand-up tour, at least not for a little while.

Tickets to Chris Rock’s stand-up tour have reportedly been selling extremely well following the Oscar night event, compared to how they had been selling beforehand. Rock, who was performing two shows in Boston that sold out on Wednesday night (his first since the Oscars), was greeted by two standing ovations as he began the shows. CNN. He stated to the audience that he was going to get. “misty” over the warm reception, but he also told the crowd that if they came to hear jokes about the slap, they would be disappointed, Rock explained…

I don’t know a lot about what happened so I didn’t write a lot of show before this weekend. Even though I’m still sort of processing what happened I’ll eventually speak about it. While it will be serious and funny, I am going to make some jokes right now.

Although some people may have been there hoping to hear jokes about Oscars, many were more than happy to hear just a set by Chris Rock. Like the standing ovations, the purchase of tickets may have been an act of support for the comedian.

We can be certain that Chris Rock will speak about the Oscars at some point. While we can predict that the jokes will hit the mark hard, Rock says it will also be serious. While distance will allow for the event to have some levity, part of the reason it has captured so many people is that it’s not that funny at all. Rock ruled against pressing chargesThe event could have been classified assault. That doesn’t necessarily mean this is over for him.

There is a lot of blame and people have strong opinions about who was wrong. Everyone, from Oscar cohost Wanda Sykes up to Jim Carrey, has made public comments on what they think about the events. One voice. Jada Pinkett Smith, who has remained relatively silent, is Jada pinkett-Smith. While Rock has heard from Will Smith.The Academy is taking this whole thing very seriously. Even considering releasing Will SmithWho just Winner of the Academy Award for Best ActorFrom its ranks.

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