Chris Pine Talks About Being A Newly Behaved Wonder After Viral Images

Chris Pine Talks About Being A Newly Behaved Wonder After Viral Images

Many movie stars are instantly recognisable “looks.” Usually, if a celebrity gets a following, part of that following comes from the way they look, and so you don’t often see those things change. Actors may play any role but they are often still very recognizable as themselves, as that’s part of what people are paying ticket prices to see. For some, Keanu Reeves seen without a beardIt’s a strange time these days. Now Chris Pine has taken a break from his clean cut look, as he’s now sporting very long hair and a beard. Pine claims that part of the reason for his change is laziness, but it could also be due to other factors.

Chris Pine attended the premier of his new film. All the Old KnivesPictures of the new Pine went viral. The new Pine looks seem to be attracting a lot of attention from people who are not as keen on it as they are big fans.


While attending the premiere of the film, ETChris Pine spoke to us about his new venture. ‘do. He admits that part of the reason for the look is that, when he doesn’t need to shave, it’s simply nice not to do so sometimes. And it sounds like he’s trying out the look for a reason, something he might try in the future. Pine explained…

It’s kind of like, equal parts lazy and equal parts what I might do in my future. I have no excuse to not shave and put on makeup.

The idea that it’s something he “may do for the future”It could be that Chris Pine is thinking about a new look. But it could also mean he’s considering something that may happen in the future that would require this look. Namely, he could be trying out the look as something a character will have in a role he’s planning to do or considering taking. We’ve certainly seen Actors can change drasticallyIt was required by the job. When asked if all of this was necessary, she replied that it was. an upcoming movie, Pine simply had a one word response…


Chris Pine is certainly a good example. Most well-known for his roles in franchisesIn Star Trek Wonder Woman, he’s taken a diverse approach to the rest of his work, so if this look is for a role it could be literally anything. You never know what word might bring. A new Star trekMovie may be actually happeningIt might even find James T. Kirk dead and let his hair grow.

Perhaps he simply likes the freedom from having to shave every day and get regular haircuts. Perhaps, even if we still see clean shaven Chris Pine on screen, we’ll see more of this one when the cameras aren’t rolling. No argument that he makes the appearance work. It could increase his rank in the ongoing Competition for Best Chris.

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