Chris Evans May Be The Sexiest Man Alive, But Sorry Ladies, It Looks Like He’s Taken

Chris Evans May Be The Sexiest Man Alive, But Sorry Ladies, It Looks Like He’s Taken

I hate to break it to you ladies, but this year’s sexiest man alive is no longer single. Chris Evans was declared the sexiest male alive earlier in this week. The Rock and he announced the newsIt was confirmed that the Captain AmericaActor is in a committed marriage with Alba Baptista. 

After rumors about Evans dating BaptistaThe internet was used to fly around, according to a source. People That’s what the two of them have been doing since they were together “for over a year and it’s serious.”Source also stated: 

Chris and Chris are in love, and they have never been happier. All of his family and friends love her.

While it’s now confirmed that the two are happy together, the rumor has been around since 2021. Recently the rumor gained attention when Evans posted a photo of pumpkins that Baptista’s mother also had as her profile picture. It was also pointed out that the actress followed Evans’ family on social media, and he has also been supportive of her on socials as well, swiftly liking her latest posts. 

If you don’t know who Alba Baptista is, let me introduce you to her. She is a Portuguese actress, aged 25. Her work is most well-known. Warrior NunIt is dropping its second season Netflix this Month. She also appeared in Mrs. Harris visits ParisThe was the original author. 2022 movie schedule.

While it’s a little bit sad that my favorite Chris is no longer single, I’m overjoyed that he appears to be in a happy relationship. Based on the source’s comments, and Evans’ outlook on relationships it seems like the two are in it for the long haul. The actor stated that Evans was the sexiest man alive in the People feature. 

It’s something I desire: wife, kids, family building. Most of the top artists are well-known, regardless of whether they’re actors, painters, or writers. [admit]It wasn’t the work that they did. [that they are most proud of]It was about their relationships, their families, their love, and the love they shared.

He said that he also loves the idea “tradition and ceremony”It has been a part of his life for many years, and he would love to be able to do it again. So maybe someday, we’ll see Evans get married and have little ones. Could they be together with Baptista? We will only know the outcome when it comes to Baptista.

Evans has been with his girlfriend before. Gifted Jenny Slate, the co-star, is now married. Minka Kelly, who previously dated Trevor Noah and Jessica Biel. Justin Timberlake has been married since 2012. It seems that it is now. The Gray Man Actor is in a love relationship that will last the test of time. This is very exciting. 

Even though I’m a bit bummed for selfish reasons that Evans is taken, I’m happy he now has another love of his life, the other one is his dog Dodger, obviously. While Evans and Baptista have not made it Instagram or red carpet official, it’s exciting to know that they are together, and have been for a long time. 

You can watch the sexiest man alive as America’s Ass, I mean Captain America, by watching the Marvel movies ordered With a Disney+ subscription. Also, Baptista’s show is available. Warrior Nun With a Netflix subscription

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